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Company Profile

Corporate Name Niseko Management Service KK
  • Director – Lee Chi Hong, Robert
  • Director – John Barton
  • Director – Colin Richard Hackworth
Address 〒044-0081 Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Kutchan-cho, Aza-Yamada179-8, Tancho Center 2F
Phone 0136-21-5020
FAX 0136-21-5021
Founded 12th of June 2006
Capital 10,000,000 yen (as of October 2010)
Business Activities
  • 1. Real Estate Management
  • 2. Accommodation and related reservation services
  • 3. Sale of Ski lift passes
  • 4. Travel Agent
  • 5. Tourism Information Services
  • 6. Inn Keeping License Holder
  • 7. Snow Clearing
  • 8. Other services related to the above
Banking Relationships Hokuyo Bank
Shareholders Nihon Harmony Resort KK
Address: 〒044-0082 Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Kutchan-cho, Aza-Iwaobetsu 328-1
Directors: Lee Chi Hong, Robert
Colin Richard Hackworth
Capital: 405,000,000 yen (as of October, 2010)
Business Activities: Ski Resort and Lift operations

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About Niseko Management Service

Niseko Management Service was established in June of 2006 in response to the growing number of foreign property developments in Niseko. Niseko Management Service provides property management services to foreign and domestic property owners. Services include building maintenance, reservation management, account management, and development consulting.

In November of 2009, Nihon Harmony Resorts KK became the sole shareholder of Niseko Management Service.

As of May, 2014, Niseko Management service manages 20 properties with a total of 108 units in the Niseko area.

Travel Agent Registration Number: 3-527

About Nihon Harmony Resorts KK

In July of 2004, Harmony Resorts Niseko Pty. Limited (HRN) acquired the Hanazono Ski resort area from Tokyu. Nihon Harmony Resorts KK (NHR) was established as a joint venture company to handle real estate and ski resort management in place of HRN.

In August of 2007, PCPD acquired 100% of the stock of NHR and stated plans to develop an international ski resort in Hanazono.

In November of 2009, NHR acquired 100% of the stock of NMS in order to strengthen their position in the lodging market.

Also in November of 2009, NHR purchased the rafting, kayaking, etc portion of Scott Adventure Sports (SAS) in preparation for the commencement of summer activities in Hanazono from 2010.

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