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About Niseko

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About Niseko

Welcome to Niseko

Niseko explodes into life after the long winter season transforming into a natural wonderland. Wildflowers bloom, the rivers fill up with both trout and white water rafters, and the temperature rises to a comfortable 25 degrees. The local farms are in full swing producing fresh produce for the local restaurants. The perfect place to escape the summer heat and relax with nature.

Niseko Outdoors

Summer is the season of outdoor fun in Niseko. White water rafting on the local rivers is a great way to cool off and see the beauty of the area. The local golf courses offer great views of the surrounding mountains and are kept in superb condition. For the more adventurous, hiking the local mountains is a great way to get some exercise and the views from the peaks are not to be missed.

For details of the activity of Niseko, please visit this page.

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Niseko’s Hot Springs

Niseko is famous for the abundance of natural hot springs called onsens. Within the Niseko area there are over 15 different hot springs to relax in.. Soaking in an outdoor bath with Mountain views is a Japanese vacation must do.

The Yumeguri Onsen Pass

The Yumeguri Onsen Pass can be purchased for 1,440 yen per person. This provides 3 tickets that can be used at 15 different onsens in the Niseko Area. The pass is valid for 180 days so you can use the pass at 3 different onsens or you can visit a single onsen multiple times.

One ticket can also be used to visit the Arishima Museum in Niseko town.

AreaOnsenYumeguri Pass
Hirafu OnsensHotel Niseko Alpen
Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafutei
Onsen Yukoro
Kutchan OnsensHotel Yotei
Niseko Weiss OnsensNiseko Weiss Hotel
Higashiyama OnsensHilton Niseko Village
Green Leaf Niseko Village
Annupuri OnsensHotel Niseko Ikoi no Mura
Niseko Annupuri Onsen Yugokurotei
Niseko Station OnsensKira no Yu
Makkari OnsensMakkari Onsen
AreaOnsenYumeguri Pass
Niseko Konbu OnsensHotel Kanro no Mori
Hotel Arishi Niseko
Niseko Grand Hotel
Koikawa Onsen
One Niseko Resort Towers
Niseko Yumoto OnsensYuki Chichibu
Akahane Onsen
Nimi OnsensNimi Onsen Hotel
Nimi Honkan Onsen
Niseko Goshiki OnsensNiseko Goshiki Onsen
Niseko Yama no Ie
Konbugawa OnsensYusenkaku

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Niseko Dining

The nearby town, Kutchan, is famous for its potatoes and a wide range of other fresh produce is grown in the surrounding areas. Most local restaurants use local ingredients to create amazingly fresh and delicious cuisine. Aside from fresh produce, Niseko receives fresh seafood from the nearby coasts which means high quality sushi and fish are readily available.

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