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House Regulations

Reasonable use of the property

The property will be made available in a good state of cleanliness and with regards to maintenance.
The Lead Guest will use the property as a reasonable and prudent person and has to ensure that every member of the group represented by the Lead Guest will behave as such.

Liability Insurance Policy

In the event that liability insurance is applied for on behalf of the Lead Guest, all relevant application procedures will be completed by NMS.  Any payment/insurance proceeds as a result of such application shall be deposited into the NMS company bank account.

Late check-out and Extra Stay

Every Property should be vacated by 10AM on check-out day, unless previously agreed with NMS reception staff. Late check-out penalties may be charged in the case the Property is not vacated at the agreed time.

Lost Keys

Upon check-out, the Lead Guest must return all the keys handed over during check-in to the reception staff. In case of the loss of keys, a replacement fee of up to 10,000 JPY per key lost will be charged to the Lead Guest.

Non Smoking property

All the properties managed by NMS are strictly non-smoking. NMS may charge the Lead Guest for an extra cleaning fee of up to 50,000 JPY in the case the Lead Guest or any member of his group has been found smoking in the Property. This includes cases where NMS finds cigarette butts in the property during the check-out inspection.

Post check-out inspection

An inspection will be conducted after the check-out to detect breakages, missing items and overall state of the property. The Lead Guest may be charged for reimbursement of any costs incurred following any damage caused to the property by any member of the group.

Building Capacity

Every guest should be registered during check-in. For non-Japanese guests residing outside of Japan, a passport copy will be taken during check-in. For fire safety reasons, NMS has to be aware of the names and count of every person staying in the Properties. The lead guest therefore must ensure that persons not registered for accommodation are not staying overnight in the Property.

Lost and Found policy

If an item is found during the post check-out inspection, NMS will keep it for a maximum of one month. If the Guest contacts NMS during the first week after check-out, NMS staff can post the found item at an agreed address at the Guest’s expense. If no contact has been made, the item will be discarded one month after the check-out date.

Right of Privacy and Property Inspections

Vacation Niseko recognizes the right of privacy of their Guests and as a result should the need for an inspection arise will make reasonable efforts to notify Guests before entering the Property during a Guest stay. However for legitimate reasons Vacation Niseko management may enter the Property without notification or prior notice. Such reasons include but are not limited to: If Guests are believed to be engaging in illegal activities, if Guests are believed to have damaged the Property, or for any urgent maintenance matters.

Termination of Contract

Vacation Niseko reserves the right to end this contract and ask Guests to leave the Property before the scheduled check-out date in cases including but not limited to: if Guests are believed to be engaging in illegal acts, if Guests are believed to have damaged Property, or Guests are in breach of any of the above mentioned terms of this contract. In this case the Guest agrees to forfeit their right to any refund regarding accommodation or Guest Services charges.


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