Flow Trail at Kutchan Asahigaoka Ski Resort

  • October 04, 2017

kutchan asahigaoka flow trail
Photo: Kutchan Travel Guide Niseko

The Flow Trail at Kutchan Asahigaoka Ski Resort is back! As part of a project to further promote Niseko tourism and maximize the resort's access outside of the ski season, Kutchan Town Tourism Association has cooperated with Kutchan Asahigaoka Ski Resort to bring back the Flow Trail this year, an exciting, easy to access mountain bike course!

The team aims to bring minimal inconvenience to travelers who enjoy trekking around the mountain as well as the winter's ski resort operation. The Flow Trail Course this year has been slightly shortened. There is also a trekking course publicly available for use outside of the Flow Trail operation hours. 

Flow Trail Course Operation Hours and Details:

Dates:Course is open on all weekends, Sundays and Publich Holidays during September 30th - October 31st, 2017

Entrance & Rental Fee:

  • 200 JPY per day
  • 500 JPY per season pass
  • Free for High School Students or below
  • Free Mountain Bikes and Helmets are available for rental

Please kindly contact Kutchan Town Tourism Association at 0136-55-5372 if there are any questions regarding the Flow Trail Course. 

We are happy to see that the whole Niseko area is getting more vibrant outside of ski reason. Niseko is a truly 4-season resort and we hope there will be more travelers coming to visit us to admire the summer and autumn beauty!


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