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  • February 07, 2022

Aspect 3 bedroom premium - The panoramic view of Yotei-san from the top floor in the summertime is remarkable.
Enjoy all Niseko has to offer this Green Season with Vacation Niseko!

Beginning with Golden Week and pushing on all the way through to November, Green Season has more on offer than meets the eye. Why not get a taste during Golden Week and leave yourself plenty of time to return in summer and autumn. Each season has a unique flavor. Read on past the specials to see what we mean.


Green Season - Short Stay rate - 2 & 3 Night Stays Get up to 20% off the 2nd and 3rd nights!
Green Season - Extended Stay rate - 4+ Night Stays Get up to 30% off 4+ consecutive nights!
Green Season - Advance Purchase rate Save a further 5% if you book 28 days prior to check-in!
Breed of the month discount! Only at SnowDog Village Get 50% of dog stay fees for qualifying breeds!
Add a BBQ set to your accommodation booking Fully stocked BBQ set available for booking at select accommodations!
Group dog discount at SnowDog Village 50% off dog stays when you book 3 or more rooms!

Hokkaido's natural environment is yours to explore

Experience the transformation of the landscape! The green season is really a testament to the raw beauty of Hokkaido. From the rivers swollen with the snowy meltwaters of spring to the verdant greens of summer and the kaleidoscopic colors of fall, the beauty is ever moving and new discoveries abound. Activate your senses, revel in the scenery, and exploit the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Golden Week

Hanami is the Japanese custom of experiencing the ephemeral beauty of the flowers that bloom on the cherry trees. (Cherry blossom viewing) Since Hokkaido is in the north, we get to experience Hanami later than the rest of Japan. Not only that, depending on the snow situation, it is not unusual to have the final spring skiing sessions at the resort too!

Other activities during Golden Week
  • late-season spring snowshoe in the woods
  • spring picnic under the trees
  • rafting the Shiribeshi River is at its best this time of year

May and June

"Harumomiji" season splashes dabs of unique color across the landscape. Harumomiji time sees fresh new leaves sprouting amidst the melting snow of the alpine meadows. Contrast this with clear blue skies and lower altitudes that paint a spreading carpet of green. It is nature's masterpiece unique to this season.

Speaking of painterly, Kazuo Mishima's impressive Moss Phlox garden in nearby Kutchan has proliferated into a more than 5000m square display of gorgeous red, purple, blue, pink, and white fragrant blossoms that linger for 3-4 weeks. Stunning!

With the refreshing climate and long daylight hours, you can feel the land coming alive. It is a perfect travel season.

July and August

White clouds dot the deep blue sky and make you want to shout "Summer has come!" The land is a deep green and sunflower fields wash across the landscape.

Summer activities are full-on! Some people say come to Niseko for the winter, stay for the summer. Tree trekking, rafting, golf, canyoning, cycling, horse riding, fishing, hiking, and even fruit picking are all on offer in this warm bountiful season.

This is also the season for BBQ, you can see it everywhere everyday! Local produce is at it's peak and there is no shortage of things to sample from the land or the sea!

Let's stay play relax and enjoy in the summertime!

September til late autumn

The sun has become softer and the clouds float through a clear blue sky. Red dragonflies zip and dart back and forth through the cooler afternoon air.

Hiking the alpine meadows of Shinsenuma marsh or even Mt. Annupuri are perfect at this time of year. Less ambitious folk still enjoy a drive on the Panorama Line for striking views of the surrounding peaks and transient autumn foliage.

Descending to lower altitudes you find that warm summer temps linger making for the perfect conditions to conquer all 3 tree trekking challenges in the area!

Follow that with a post sunset contemplation of the clear starry countryside sky.

Don't forget that summer in Niseko is synonymous with BBQ

You can reserve a BBQ set at a select number of our properties this Green Season. Nothing says summer more than charcoal-grilled fare with family and friends. Just ask one of our friendly reservation specialists for details!

Recommended culinary selections in the area

Michelin starred and second to none, Kamimura offers a precise and profound dining experience.


Famous for select and unique teas, Lupicia also offers quality dining and a selection of sweets.

An Dining

Creative gourmet fare by a rising star on the Niseko dining scene.

Soba Ichimura

A local icon, Ichimura boasts handmade soba crafted with select ingredients in comfortable environs.

Green Season recommended properties for all tastes


A luxury condominium boasting stellar views with modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. Reward yourself!

MUSE Niseko

Sophisticated designer condo accented with Ainu calligraphic artworks. Perfect for special occasions or a retreat.

Hana & Jo

A popular villa duplex in Izumikyo. Perfect for families or a group of friends who want to feel at home. BBQ friendly!

SnowDog Village

Share the adventure of the natural surroundings with your furry family at this dog-friendly resort condominium.

Interested? Reach out to us through the contact form below!


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