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Kutchan Fun Sake Festival 2017

November 9, 2017
06:00 PM
1000 JPY
M Pocket Car Park, Kutchan Town

Have fun with friends while enjoying sake at the Fun Sake Festival (known as “Waraizake Matsuri” in Japanese) in Kutchan town on November 9th.

Simply purchase your event ticket for 1000 yen and choose the 4 restaurants you would like to visit for the evening. You could try a variety of sake for just 500 JPY each. You will also get the chance to win cash prizes in the lucky draw at the end of the event! 

There are 30 restaurants and Izakaya in Kutchan town participating in this event including:

  • Snack Ring
  • Bar Eddy
  • Bar Zephyrus
  • Pub the Garcon
  • World Sports Bar
  • Koiso
  • Chiharuzushi
  • Tishu Izakaya Marukyu Shoten
  • Snack Potato
  • Izakaya Hamakko
  • Monja/Okonomiyaki Juzo
  • Cafe & Snack Bernina
  • Yakiniku Kongou
  • Kasseki
  • Snack San
  • Tomone Pocha
  • Dining Bar Pokke
  • Dosukoi
  • Namichan chi
  • Tsubohachi Kutchan branch
  • The Way Bar
  • Izakaya Ichitaka
  • Sumibi Yakiniku Orenchi
  • Taverna la Farniente
  • Yottekiya
  • Sake Bar Sasa
  • Bar Zero
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Ristorante Sakamoto
  • Umami

The festival starts at 6pm (registration), 6:30PM (official start), 8:30PM (lucky draw giveaway)

Tickets are available now (1000 yen) at the participating restaurants, and also at Kutchan Town Tourism Info Center called `Puratto: TEL 0136-55-5766

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