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A guide to Niseko's Medical Services

The many activities offered in Niseko are great opportunities to do exercise and ingrain a healthy lifestyle in the minds of children. Whether you are visiting us in summer or winter, the great outdoors offer a host of sports that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

While there are many measures put in place to minimize the chances of sustaining an injury, accidents can happen. Fortunately, Niseko is always offering great facilities to treat all kind of injuries. The following guide will make sure that you’ll be having a wonderful time no matter what happens on your trip!


Niseko International Clinic

Niseko International Clinic
Miniature of Niseko International Clinic - to be opened in December, 2017

Set to open in December 2017, just in time for the next great skiing season, the Niseko International Clinic will become a great place to treat injuries that do not require a trip to the hospital. Located in Izumikyo, the clinic will be located less than a kilometer away from the slopes.

Operating under the direction of Dr. Kunitake Moroi, this new walk-in clinic is a welcome addition to Niseko’s ever growing list of resort facilities. Dr. Moroi graduated from the prestigious Tufts University in Boston and completed a residency program in family medicine in Japan. The Niseko International Clinic will provide a wide range of services to care for injuries and illnesses of both adults and children with a fully bilingual team.

Among the clinic’s list of services you’ll find a team able to do on-site X-rays, ultrasound and blood tests. Minor emergencies, sports injuries, pediatrics and general practice / family medicine will also be offered. The newly built premises will feature 2 universal treatment rooms, one fast-track treatment room and one X-ray room. Ambulances will also be able to access the clinic and the free village shuttle bus stops right in front. Stay tuned for added details as we get closer to the official opening date!


Niseko International Clinic

  • ​
  • ​Open 7 Days​  9:00am to 5:00pm
  • ​December 4, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Niseko Physio

Niseko Physio

A well trusted institution in the resort, Niseko Physio has been treating injuries since 2005. Staffed exclusively by advanced skiers and snowboarders, the team at Niseko Physio will offer the best service when it comes to treating sports-related injuries.

Part of the international Asia Physio group which operates offices in Tokyo, Hakuba and Singapore, the conveniently located office in the heart of Hirafu is the best place to stop by if you require sports taping or the best fitting braces that will lead to a fast and complete recovery. They also stock foam rollers, medi-balls, lumbar rolls, sports injury creams and much more.

Their leading team of experts will also be a great liaison for clients that will need assistance in dealing with the Japanese health system or to coordinate with care specialists in Australia. They also provide specialized sports and relaxation massage through the team of Niseko Massage.

Be sure to call in advance or to place a booking online before visiting them, as they can’t accept walk-ins.


Niseko Physio

  • Phone: 0136-22-0399
  • Open 7 Days - 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • December 10 - April 10

Sapporo Drugstore

Niseko Sapporo Drug Store
Sapporo Drug Store in HIrafu Village offers a wide variety of braces, sports tapes, over the counter medicine as well as other products to treat minor ailments. 

This branch of one of Hokkaido’s leading drugstore chain was a much-needed addition to Niseko’s list of retail store. Located on the Hirafu-zaka street that leads to the foot of Mt. Annupuri, the store offers a wide variety of braces, sports tapes, over the counter medicine and much more products designed to treat minor ailments.

The bilingual staff will be pleased to help you through the labelling of the products on the shelves. The shop also sells snacks, drinks, frozen meats and fresh vegetables, making it a convenient one stop shop that is sure to be visited at least once by visitors in Niseko!


Sapporo Drugstore

  • Phone: 0136-21-7551
  • Open 7 days, Year round – 10:00 to 21:00

Niseko Sports Retail and Rental Shop

Niseko Sports in Hirafu Village
Located in the center of Hirafu Village, Niseko Sports is a good place to get fitted with necessary equipment for you safely to enjoy winter sports. 

Winter sports are synonymous of high speed and it is definitely a good idea to protect yourself adequately before hitting the slopes. No matter your experience level, no one is immune from the injuries that can happen while enjoying’s Niseko great powder snow. We strongly recommend your purchase or rent a helmet for the days you will be skiing or snowboarding.

For the latest in safety gear, be sure to visit Niseko Sports retail and rental shop. Their team of passionate experts will help you get fitted with necessary equipment to safely enjoy winter sports. The shop sells the latest models of helmets, wrist and, knee and tailbone protectors which will give you peace of mind when tackling the slopes.


Niseko Sports

  • Hirafu-zaka Street and Hanazono 308
  • Phone: 0136-21-6633

Kutchan Kosei General Hospital

Kutchan Hospital
Kutchan Kosei General Hosiptal Exterior

Serving as the main healthcare facility of the Shiribeshi area that includes Niseko, the Kutchan Kosei Hospital should be visited only by people who are seriously hurt and requiring emergency treatment. Featuring advanced diagnostic equipment and all the medical departments traditionally found in a hospital, visitors to Niseko are sure to be able to be treated in time if serious problems arise.

It is best to visit the hospital with a Japanese-speaking interpreter, as the availability of English-speaking staff can’t be guaranteed at all times.

Kutchan Kosei General Hospital

  • Phone: 0136-22-1141


Japan features top of the line medical treatment facilities throughout the country. Visitors are however strongly encouraged to purchase complete medical travel insurance before their trips, as treatments can be very expensive. If you have any questions about travelling to Niseko, be sure to contact Vacation Niseko’s friendly team of vacation specialists!

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