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Hokkaido's colorful shibazakura season is here!

Japan is filled with many flower seasons throughout spring and summer. The shibazakura blossom (also known as ‘’Pink Moss") comes shortly after the cherry blossom sakura season and is usually in full bloom from end-May to mid-June.

If you ask any Niseko locals what is the most photogenic local spot in late May, everyone will point you to Mishima’s Garden. Located right behind the Kutchan Train Station, the private garden of Kazuo Mishima-san is filled with pink and white shibazakura that spreads out into huge carpets. Mishima’s shibazakura garden turns into a charming picture, coupled with the majestic Mount Yotei as a unique background. Locals and travelers alike flock to Mishima’s Garden every year to admire this breathtaking scenery.

Mishima-san started his shibazakura plantation about 10 years ago after he retired from intensive farming. Aside from a desire to create a beautiful meeting place for locals and tourist, Mishima-san wanted to give back to the community by protecting the land. The shibazakura paradise that we can admire today is the harvest of Mishima-san’s hard work throughout the last few years. Every shibazakura blossom was planted by hand from seeds, which continue to grow little by little every year.

Mishima's Shibazakura garden
Mr. Mishima has carefully nurtured the shibazakura over the years to create a beautiful garden. 
Shibazakura with Mount Yotei
Mr. Mishima's garden turns into a charming picture with Mount Yotei as a spectacular background. 
Big Yotei and small Yotei at Mr. Mishima's garden.
Big Yotei and Small Yotei. 
Mr. Mishima mimicked the snow-capped Mount Yotei with white shibazakura. 
Shibazkura in Niseko
Shibazakura in full blossom in Mr. Mishima's garden. 

Shibazakura is now in full blossom in Mr. Mishima's garden. Entrance and nearby parking is free for everyone. To snatch the best pictures, be sure to get there early! If you are visiting Hokkaido this spring, remember to spare a day to enjoy this dazzling shibazakura garden! 

More information and directions are available on Kutchan Town website.

Takinoue Park Shibazakura Festival

Hokkaido is filled with great shibazakura gardens that offer a splendid view. One of the most well-known is Takinoue Park Shibazakura Festival that draws thousands of visitors every spring. 

Shibazkura in Niseko

Takinoue Park View on Daisetsuzan Mountain Range
Source: Takinoue Tourism Association 

Millions of flowers carpet the park every year to announce that Spring has come. Locals have started creating the pink flower carpet back in 1956 to create this artistic achievement. Taking a peaceful stroll through the park is sure to leave nice memories in your mind.

Shibazkura in Niseko

Takinoue Park hill garden
Source: Takinoue Tourism Association 

Takinoue is located about two hours away from Asahikawa. Many activities are planned throughout the festival such as stage performances. To get the best view, you can even hop aboard an helicopter for a short ride.

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Another great Pink Moss viewing spot is Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park, located on the east side of Hokkaido. This is the biggest Shibazakura park in Hokkaido, offering millions and millions of flowers for visitors to see. Throughout the Shibazakura festival, Higashimokoto offer many stage performances and family activities. The town is famous for its dairy farms and be sure to taste the delicious cheese locally produced.

Shibazkura in Niseko

Higashimokoto Park - Shibazakura in full blossom

Source: Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 

Higashimokoto Park
Higshimokoto Park is a scenice place for pictures in May! 

Source: Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Eastern Hokkaido shibazakura
Takinoue Shibazakura Park is about 2 hours from Asahikawa while Higashimoko Shibazakura Park is about 3 hours from Takinoue. These two parks are perfect to be included in your Central & Eastern Hokkaido trip1 

Hokkaido is a beautiful place begs to be explored throughout all four seasons. Contact Vacation Niseko’s friendly Reservation Staff to plan a trip that will take you to the most breathtaking spots in northern Japan!

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