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Niseko United Trail Map 2016/17 is now available!

Niseko United trail map 2016-17
Niseko United Trall Map for season 2016/17 is now available for download ! 

With winter arriving in less than 2 months time, the Niseko United Trail Map 2016-17 is hot off the press! A few new upgrades will make your stay a truly memorable one. Please find a quick summary below of the lift status in the Niseko area.

  1. The King Hooded Triple Lift #3 is upgraded to a new high-speed quad lift. The old triple lift could transport 1,800 people per hour and the new lift capacity is increased to 2,400 people per hour. This means less waiting and more opportunities to get those glorious powder runs. 
  2. Niseko Village will be operating two new ski lifts this winter - The Village Express (816m) and The Upper Village Gondola (250m). The Village Express is a high-speed detachable lift, consisting of both 6-person chairs and 8-person gondolas.
  3. A new ski run of 1.2km long connecting Niseko Green Leaf and Niseko Village's central shopping area will be opened this winter.

The latest Niseko Wine & Dine Guide will be available in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for the latest information about Niseko, Japan's best ski resort! For those of you headed for your very first ski trip this winter, be sure to check our recent entry about Essential items for your ski holiday.   

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