New Developments at Niseko Hanazono Resort

  • November 26, 2021

Niseko Hanazono Resort

With the snow falling and the resorts scheduled to open in the first week of December, there are changes afoot around Niseko! Hanazono has seen a multitude of changes in recent years. Does anyone remember what it looked like before the Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono existed? Well, the winter of 2021-22 will see even more welcome additions to the resort.

Lift Infrastructure

Hallelujah! And the cry rose into the heavens. There is nothing skiers and boarders like greater than more and better ways to get to the top of the mountain. And Hanazono has delivered.

New Hanazono Symphony Gondola

A collaboration between POMA of France and Pininfarina of Italy, this modern Gondola will transport 10 people up the mountain in leather-trimmed seats and has individual suspension for each cabin. It will be the first POMA Gondola installed in Japan. A sweet ride for sure!

New Hanazono Lift 1

Since 1992, the classic Hana 1 Hooded Quad has ferried people up to the first station. 28 years of long and dutiful service will see it replaced with a new 6-seat hooded chair with suspension, leather trim and heated seats. There are 98 chairs that move at 5 m/s during the 1,589 m climb.

New Terrain!

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Hallelujah! And the cry rose into the heavens again. There is almost nothing skiers and boarders like greater than more and better ways to get down the mountain. And Hanazono has delivered here as well.

There are two new runs that follow the path of the new Symphony Gondola.

Colly's Folly is a new intermediate course that starts from the top of the Gondola Peak Station, just past the iconic Legend of Shinya black diamond run. It ranges in pitch from 17-20 degrees and is a 550m long groomed run.

Juicy Fruit is a new beginners course that begins at the Symphony Gondola Middle Station, just above where it merges with the popular Stairway to Heaven intermediate run. It has an average pitch of 7 degrees and is an 800m long groomed run.

Night lights at Hanazono!

A first at Hanazono, and a long time coming! Not to mention that each gondola cabin has an individual LED lighting system to liven up the party even more! I am looking forward to this!

So the future looks promising. More lifts, more terrain, more time. Why not contact us and enjoy all the improvements for yourself! Stay, play, relax, enjoy with Vacation Niseko.


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