When to see the autumn foliage in Hokkaido

  • September 07, 2017


jozankei autumn leaves hokkaido
Time flies and we will soon welcome the autumn foliage. 

Time flies and autumn has come to our doorsteps! We will soon welcome the powdery winter after the gorgeous autumn foliage. The 2017 autumn foliage forecast schedule has just been released and as usual, Japan northernmost island will see the momiji (red leaves in Japanese) will see the red leaves a month earlier than elsewhere in the country. The first burst of colour change will start at Daisetsuzan National Park (Kurodake & Asahidake) from mid-September onwards.

hokkaido autumn red leaves schedule
Hokkaido Autumn Foliage Forecast Map, released by Weather News.

Autumn foliage starts in the reverse order as the cherry blossom season. It starts from the north and gradually moves down to the southern part of Hokkaido. Niseko is forecasted to be in full bloom around mid-October. Below are some of the best places to take pictures of these charming autumn sceneries around Niseko.  

Fukidashi Park, Kyogoku 

autumn leaves in fukidashi park kyogoku
Fukidashi Park is filled with beautiful red and yellow leaves in autumn. It is a good place for family to spend a relaxing afternoon under the sun while enjoying the koyo.
fukidashi park autumn leaves
The fallen leaves on the ground also make some nice photos!

Mount Annupuri

In addition to the fluffy champagne snow in Niseko, we are also well-known for the autumn foliage. The colors are largely found in the mountain areas during the koyo season, where the slopes turn into red, yellow and orange. Measuring a height of 1,308 meters, Mount Annupuri is a hot pick among hikers especially in autumn. Hiking up the mountain to see the spectacular yellow and red colored slopes with Mount Yotei as a backdrop is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss on your visit to Niseko. 

red leaves at mount niseko annupuri
Beautiful koyo at Mount Annupuri. Photo: h2.dion.ne.jp


view of mount yotei from annupuri
View of Mount Yotei from Annupuri.

About an hour drive from Niseko, Jozankei is a valley surrounded by mountains and trees. There are numerous spectacular spots to enjoy the alluring landscapes of the autumn foliage, such as the Futami-Jozan Walking Trail, Futami Suspension Bridge overlooking Toyohira River and Hoheikyo Dam.

autumn leaves at Futami Suspension Bridge at Jozankei
Futami Suspension Bridge
Hoheikyo Dam
Hoheikyo Dam is a famous place for foliage viewing. The dam is discharged during June to October for sightseeing purpose. ©Welcome to Sapporo

Hokkaido is truly a four-season travel destination, blessed with distinct scenery every month. We will soon welcome the white winter following the dazzling foliage season. If you would like to explore the legendary powdery snow in Niseko, do not hesitate to contact Vacation Niseko's friendly reservation staff for more details. 



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