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Fresh Start: Enjoy Summer in Niseko

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The first half of 2020 was a rollercoaster: stress, fear and travel restrictions meant many of us had to cancel our holidays to other parts of Japan or to overseas destinations. As summer arrives, so does the feeling of wanting to get away: from the heat, from the crowds and from the looming anxiety of living in a post-pandemic world.

But as the prefecture borders start to open and Japan gets back on its feet after an impressive recovery, it's time for a fresh start.

Reset your mind, body and soul in natural surrounds, with the great outdoors right outside your accommodation. Spend quality time with your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowded beaches. Rediscover Niseko: a thriving tourist destination in winter, but also an oasis of calm in the summer where the mountains, rivers and ocean inspire locals and visitors alike to get back to basics. What better way to decompress than with a stroll in a lush green forest, a BBQ with friends or a paddle on the lake?

Niseko has endless ways to escape and enjoy what really matters - here are 5 ways you can get a fresh start in Hokkaido's best year-round destination.

1. Fresh Air, Fresh Water, Fresh Food

Before it became world-renowned for winter skiing, Niseko was originally a farming area, and still is in the summer months. You can enjoy some of the freshest, healthiest produce on offer in Japan sourced locally in Niseko, from the famous Kutchan potato to the delicious Kimobetsu asparagus, Shiribetsu river salmon and Makkari pork. There are specialty farms for so many delicious foods in Niseko, you can visit markets and farmers collectives all around the region to create some incredible home cooked meals in your self-contained accommodation, or you can venture into the famous Niseko dining scene for expertly crafted dishes you can't find anywhere else.

You can also taste the purest mountain water in Niseko, with multiple fresh water springs around the region producing free, safe and delicious water pouring out for your collection. And of course, you can't forget the fresh alpine air that flows through Niseko wherever you go: low building density and vast open spaces make it the perfect place to feel the cool Hokkaido breeze and take it all in.



2. Let your mind relax in a virus-free environment

eating dinner in summer at forest estate niseko

Despite being quite busy in the winter, Niseko in summer is perfectly quiet, with uncrowded restaurants, streets and hotels. Social distancing isn't difficult here - you can enjoy an entire day without a single crowd; and with a host of detached houses that are fully self-contained, after you check in you don't need to worry about common areas - you can relax in the comfort of your home away from home. Niseko is naturally remote, but in the best possible way: you can enjoy all there is to offer in Hokkaido without worry, and with the peace-of-mind that extra care is taken to ensure you are safe from the virus.

Customer service providers all over the prefecture have committed to improving their businesses to fit the 'New Hokkaido Style': an initiative with a step-by-step guide to keeping COVID-19 free. Vacation Niseko is no exception, with our new Stay Safe Guaranteea promise that our team (with the help of our guests) will work together to keep everyone safe. Special provisions are put in place to ensure your accommodation and common areas are sanitised on a regular basis, and that our staff are well-equipped with masks, gloves and other safety equipment. Read more here to learn about our guarantee.



3. Bond with your family in the great outdoors

With the frantic nature of work and family life, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what's important. Getting into the great outdoors and removing everyday distractions gives each member of the family a chance to unwind, relax and spend quality time together. When is the last time you went for a scenic drive, visited a roadside food stall or played tag in a wide open field with your family?

In Niseko, there are endless ways to bond with your family - from tree trekking, mochi making workshops and fresh ice cream tasting to easy hikes, ostrich farms and fishing tours. After a busy day exploring the wild and adventurous world of Niseko, you can retreat back to your cozy apartment, townhouse or cottage to watch the sunset and share a delicious meal or BBQ together.



4. Work remotely with a fresh perspective

Sometimes when you're on holiday, work simply can't wait. But when you have a comfortable desk, a breaktaking view of the mountains and a fresh perspective, it makes for the perfect remote working environment. According to a study compiled by Buffer, 93% of remote workers have travelled while working, so it's evident that while remote working as a concept is growing in popularity generally (mostly thanks to the virus), it is also a great opportunity to have the best of both worlds and be productive in a brand new location.

Whether you need to respond to a few emails on your holiday or are looking for a retreat from city life to get some serious work done, Niseko is the perfect place to escape and work remotely. Perpetually quiet in summer, you can work comfortably with incredible views from your accommodation, or meet the friendly locals in one of the cafes in town. You can take a break from the daily grind and supplement your work day with wholesome activities like yoga, a walk in the forest or a hearty lunch prepared with local, organic produce. Not to mention when you're travelling, remote working gives you more time with your family and friends instead of losing those hours commuting between home and the office and eating convenience store food at your desk.

All of Vacation Niseko's accommodations come with high-speed internet and comfortable desks or living areas for efficient remote working. Meeting / conference rooms are also available throughout the village if you are bringing your team with you, so collaborative work never skips a beat when you're enjoying the summer life in Niseko.

'1 Stop Business Center' sent their team for a remote work trip to Niseko and had an amazing time! Read about their summer working trip here.



5. Get the best of Hokkaido: enjoy mountain, ocean and city life

For most, the word 'Niseko' instantly conjures the image of steep mountains and a winter wonderland. But many don't realise how diverse the region is, and its proximity to other amazing outdoor and indoor activities. In summer, you can travel less than an hour in any direction and come across a completely different environment like a quaint village, flowing river, vast ocean or thriving city. In just a single trip you can experience a multitude of new experiences, no matter your taste.

Visit Iwanai or Shakotan for stunning ocean vistas and fun sea activities like kayaking or ocean fishing (where you can catch some of the best seafood on the planet). Nearby Otaru and Yoichi offer the convenience of a city but the coziness of a European town with endless artisan offerings like handmade music boxes, glassware, whiskey, dairy products and sushi. If you want to live it up in the city, Sapporo is accessible just two hours away where you can shop till you drop, taste Michelin-starred dishes or karaoke late into the night. Lake Toya is the perfect place for water sports like SUPing, canoeing, swimming or to enjoy a lakeside picnic, and Noboribetsu is an onsen-lover's dream with impressive volcanic landscapes and luxurious onsen hotels for your enjoyment. When you stay in Niseko in the green season, you're in the center of the action and perfectly situated to enjoy the best of Hokkaido's offerings in any environment.



Get compensated for travelling to Niseko with flexible cancellation!

The Hokkaido and Japanese tourism government branches are implementing significant incentives for travellers wishing to visit Niseko in the coming months! 

Dominwari, the Hokkaido-based incentive program for residents to travel within the prefecture will launch in the final week of June, and will run until the end of January, 2021. The incentive offers discounts for accommodation, transport and activities to stimulate the tourism industry. Vacation Niseko is happy to announce they are participating in this incentive and will be offering decreased rates for Hokkaido residents who choose to stay with us.

Dominwari benefits can only be extended to accommodation providers who adhere to the 'New Hokkaido Style' safety measures that outline best practices to avoid infection. We are proud to share our Safe Stay Guarantee, a dedication to our customers and staff to combat COVID-19 and keep everybody safe, in line with the 'New Hokkaido Style'.

If you are thinking of travelling to Niseko for your next holiday, we recommend coming this summer, as once the allocated pool of money has been exhausted, the Dominwari program will end - get in quick to save!

The nationwide "Go To" campaign has also launched, and it's perfect for travellers from other prefectures wishing to visit Niseko. Similar to Dominwari, accommodation providers like Vacation Niseko and online travel agents (such as, Jalan, Rakuten Travel and Ikyu) have received funds to offset rates for guests, which means you can save on your accommodation, transport, activities and dining.


For Summer stays, Vacation Niseko properties are available with Go To discounts via our online travel agent partners:


*The above buttons only link to one of our properties, please use the search function to see discounts available for our other properties.

Go To discounts will continue for stays during our popular Winter season, and a second round of Dominwari for Winter will also be announced soon - book your Winter stay with Vacation Niseko directly to receive Go To or Dominwari discounts!

For summer stays, Vacation Niseko is also waiving penalties if you cancel more than 24 hours prior to arrival and offering free late checkouts 'till 12 noon! Book with confidence and worry less about cancelling if you suddenly can't make it on your trip.


If you'd like to visit Niseko for your summer holiday - feel free to contact us! We can offer availability, quotes, activity information and local's knowledge. We can also update you on incentives and discounts available for a getaway package that's equally as affordable as it is fun.

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