Capture the spirit of your dog in an outdoor photo session!

  • February 27, 2022

Dog Photography 2022 Mar JP2
Professional nature and animal photographer Tomohiro Nakamichi will hold a workshop in the natural environment around SnowDog Village Niseko.

It is said in the film and television industry that working with animals is difficult at the best of times. However, Nakamichi-san's keen eye and ability to capture the character and spirit of your dog is undeniable.

A former dog trainer and professional nature and animal photographer, he takes exceptional photos of dogs in the impressive natural surroundings of Niseko.

Why not join us in this follow-up to the wildly successful session held in the fall of 2021?
  • "He caught that exact moment of pure joy my dog felt. I couldn't have done that myself."
  • "That connection that exists solely between owner and animal was evident in the shot."
  • See more in the feedback section below.
Guests staying at SnowDog Village receive extra perks when participating in this photo session.
  • 50% off dog stay fees
  • Choice of either early check-in (13:00 pm) or late check-out (12:00 pm)
  • 5% off dinner at Upashi Seta - onsite dog-friendly izakaya!
  • Free bonus "Sunset Photo Session" 16:45 pm - 17:15 pm ( max 3 groups first come first serve)

Scheduled sessions

Sunday March 20th, 2022 Group Session

GROUP A 7:30-10:00 (includes local travel time)
GROUP B 14:00-16:30(includes local travel time)
Spots available 4-6 people
Location 2 areas at the foot of Mt. Yotei
Cost(1owner 1 dog) ¥12,000
Cost(1owner 2 dogs) ¥18,000
Cost( 2 owners 3 dogs) ¥24,000(2 adults required to handle 3 dogs)
Final result Best 3-5 shots

Monday March 21st, 2022 Private Session

Duration 1.5 hours (includes travel time)
Location Niseko area proximate to Mt. Yotei
Capacity Up to 3 dogs(2 adults required to handle 3 dogs)
Cost ¥24,000
Final result Best 5-10 shots

SnowDog Village special - Sunset Sessions

Participating guests who booked their accommodation at SnowDog Village are also eligible for the free Sunset Sessions.

Below are just some examples of the amazing Autumn Sunset Sessions! We anticipate the winter version to be just as stunning.

(Note: free guest sessions are subject to weather conditions and are first come first served as described above.)

2021 Autumn photo session with Nakamichi-san

Click HERE to review some of the image captured at our session in the fall. (JP language only, however the photos are universal!)



  • "So happy this event was run. I plan to frame the pictures and hang them in my house!" (Group session 2021)
  • "It was great to capture the dogs in the great outdoors. I really saw them in a new light! Also hanging out with Nakamichi-san and the staff was great." (Private session 2021)
  • "It was a little nervous, but everyone was friendly and I was able to relax and enjoy myself." (Group session 2021)
  • "My dogs enjoyed playing with the other dogs. It was fun to shoot them in the moment. The staff and photographer love dogs, so I felt comfortable." (Group session 2021)
  • "This is the best accommodation plan! Dog lovers will definitely love it. Nakamichi-san was able to put the dog at ease. I want to come again!" (Private session 2021)
  • "The image of my elderly dog running, he never runs, almost made me cry!" (Private session 2021)
  • "Thank you for the great experience. I will cherish it." (Group session 2021)
  • "I am so looking forward to the next session!" (Private session 2021)
  • "Sign me up for the winter session!" (Group session 2021)


Are you and your dog interested in learning more? Just reach out through the contact form below. Woof!


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