SnowDog Village Dog Information

Dog stay requirements for SnowDog Village

Dog Registration Form
  • At SnowDog Village, we place the utmost importance on the safety of our customers and dogs, to secure your stay with your pet the registration form must be filled out in advance. There are no exceptions.
  • There are no refunds for cancellation or termination of the reservation due to incorrect or missing information on the registration form
  • You will be asked to review and sign the "Conditions of Dog Stay Approval Form" at the time of check-in.

Procedure for registering your your furry family!

Please follow the following 3 steps to ensure a great stay with your dog!

Registration Form

After your reservation, we will send you a link to the dog registration form. See an example of the form below so you can prepare the necessary documents.

Example Dog Registration Form

1. Classy Photo

Please send us a recent photo of your dog via the registration form. With your consent, we may use it for social media purposes.

*Why do we need a photo? Certain breeds are not allowed at SnowDog Village, we would like to confirm the breed.

2. Rabies Vaccination

Vaccination must have been more than 2 weeks prior to check-in and less than 1 year prior to the check-out date.

*Note that the certificate must have the dog's name and date of the vaccination.

3.5 or More Mixed Vaccine

The terms for the Mixed Vaccine is the same as the Rabies vaccine.

*Puppies less than one year old need a certificate of rabies vaccination and two or more five mixed vaccines after reaching 90 days of age.

*Note - If your vet waives vaccination for legitimate reasons, age, or health, for example, we require you to submit the waiver form issued by your vet. Details will be kept private as part of your reservation,

Important things to note when bringing your dog to SnowDog Village

Please ensure your dog is vaccinated and appropriately protected from fleas and ticks
Please ensure your dog is well trained and does not have a habit of excessive barking or aggression
Please keep your dog on a leash whenever you are with them outside of your apartment
Please ensure your dog does not get up on furniture and beds inside the apartment
Please avoid leaving your dog unattended inside the apartment

  1. All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and viral infectious diseases (combined vaccine of 5 types or more) for 2 weeks or more and less than 1 year. Proof of vaccination certificates are required at the time of booking. For certificates that are more than one year old by the time of check-in, re-presentation of a new, valid certificate is required upon arrival. If your veterinarian exempts you from a rabies vaccination or combination vaccination for a valid reason, please submit a "vaccination deferment certificate" or "antibody test results" instead at the time of booking. *Please make sure to present a certificate with your dog's name and vaccination date on it. Please do not send "dog tags" or "injection slips". There will not be accepted as proof.
  2. Only dogs are allowed to stay at the property (ie. cats, birds, rodents etc are prohibited).
  3. The dog must be 4 months or older. Puppies less than one-year-old require a certificate of rabies vaccination and at least two vaccinations administered(consisting of two shots of five mixed vaccines administered after 90 days of age).
    • the rabies vaccination must have been administered not earlier than 91 days post-birth
    • the second combination vaccine must have been administered not earlier than 91 days post-birth
  4. All dogs must be properly trained for the comfort and convenience of all guests.
  5. The dog must be properly toilet trained and not have problems with excessive barking, jumping, attacking, or destroying facilities.
  6. The dog must be able to walk on a leash.
  7. The dog must be healthy and not suffering from/being treated for illness or injury.
  8. The dog must be treated/protected from fleas and ticks.
  9. For female dogs, they must not be in an estrous cycle (4 weeks from the start of menstruation) or pregnant.
  10. If you are exempted from rabies vaccination or combination vaccination by your veterinarian for a valid reason, please submit a Certificate of Postponement of Vaccination or Antibody Test Results instead.
  11. The dog must be owned by at least one of the guests staying at the property.
  12. Dogs should be brushed and shampooed before your stay so that other guests are not inconvenienced by excess hair or odour.
  13. For mutual safety between the customer and the facility, the following breeds of dogs are not allowed to stay. Mixed-breed dogs that contain or may contain the following breeds are also not allowed to stay. Thank you for your understanding.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Miniature Bull Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler
  • Shikoku dog
  • Tosa dog
  • All Mastiff breeds
  • Chow chow
  • Kai dog
  • Kishu dog

    *We may refuse accommodation for dog breeds other than the following at our discretion.

  1. Please do not leave your dog unattended in your room. If you need to do so, be sure to keep the dog inside their cage or carry bag. Please note that rental cages are not available. We do not grant stays to dogs that cannot stay calm or bark incessantly.
  2. Please do not allow your dog to get up on the bed, sofas or other furniture.
  3. Please be careful not to damage the building, furniture, fixtures, etc. Please note that any damages will be subject to repair and payment by the guest.
  4. If your dog has been walking on the ground before entering the building, please wipe your dog's feet before entry.
  5. Dogs can freely roam inside guest rooms only. Please be careful not to let your dog freely roam in the corridors.
  6. For small and medium-sized dogs, a carry-bag or cage should be used as much as possible for transit outdoors (daily walks are of course an exception).
  7. If your dog is a medium or large dog that cannot be carried, please wipe its feet when entering the museum.
  8. Please avoid exciting or irritating your dog unnecessarily where it may cause barking, running indoors etc.
  9. Please keep a close eye when travelling with children - be sure to not leave them unattended.
  10. If you are travelling with a dog toilet seat, please place it on top of the human toilet seat when in use. When taking your dog to use the bathroom outdoors, please guide them to go in the dog run, on soil or gravel. Please try to avoid poles, decks, wood chipped areas, concrete and lawns.
  11. When cleaning up after your dog, please use a poop bag and throw it in the special designated trash can in front of the reception entrance. Please do not flush it down the toilet in your room.
  12. Please note that lawn mowing takes place each day between 9: 30-17: 30 to maintain the lawn and environment on the premises.
  13. If the dog accidentally goes to the bathroom on the floor in the guest room, please clean up immediately and hygienically and notify staff immediately.
  14. If the dog goes in a common area, please clean it appropriately and notify staff immediately.
  15. Please do not use the provided tableware for your dog.
  16. Please be informed that the regular housekeeping will not be provided if there is a dog stay, and the cleaning service is not able to be rescheduled.
  17. Please note there is no pet daycare service at the facility.
  18. Please do not shampoo, bathe, trim or brush your dog in the guest room.
  19. Other than in the dog run, dogs should always be on a leash when walking outside and in common areas.
  20. The dog run is open only during the summer season and is closed during the winter.
  21. The onsite dog run is free to use, but please carefully read the relevant signage before use.
  22. Please do not leave dogs alone in the dog run.
  23. Please do not bring training equipment, toys and food into the dog run.
  24. Please do not leave your dog unattended in a car - in Hokkaido, temperatures can get lethally hot and unbearably cold inside cars.

Please note that when booking SnowDog Village condos, if you are bringing a pet, extra pax cannot be accommodated (standard occupancy only). Additional prices apply for each dog that is brought to the condo:

  • Small dog (up to 10kg): ¥3,000 per night
  • Medium dog (10-25kg): ¥4,000 per night
  • Large dog (25kg+): ¥5,000 per night
Dog Occupancy Limits

Room Type Small Dog (up to 10kg) Medium dog (10-25kg) Large dog (25kg+) Max Number
Studio / Studio Suite 2 1 0 2
1 Bedroom 2 2 1 2
2 Bedroom 3 2 2 3
2 Bedroom + Studio / 3 Bedroom 3 3 3 3

※ When accommodating dogs of different sizes (small/medium/large) in one single room, the max number of dogs allowed is the number specified for the larger size, based on the above chart. E.g. A "Studio" room can accommodate two small dogs but cannot accommodate one small and one medium sized dog because the medium-size rule of max 1 is applied in the latter case. Please select a room larger than "Studio".

※ Please note room discounts are applied to room rates only and not to nightly dog fees.

  • Dog crate/carry bag
  • Small towels/cloths to wipe your dog's feet before entering your room
  • Cleaning goods in case your dog urinates in the wrong places (e.g. inside the room)
  • Dog litter sheets, wet wipe, belly bands/diapers (as required)
  • Dog poop bags
  • Dog bowl and food
  • Dog collar, leash, bed/cushions (which your dog usually uses and feels comfortable with)
  • Your dog's favorite toys/towels, etc. (so your dog feels comfortable in your hotel room)

▼ I would like to leave my dog in my room and go skiing, onsen, dining etc.

Please avoid going out while your dog is left alone in the room. In the unlikely event that you need it, be sure to put it in the cage or carry bag you brought with you and only bring your dog if they are well trained and act calm when left alone. Please note that there are no cages for rent at SnowDog Village.

▼ About leads on the premises

Please be sure to attach a lead or carry your dog when leaving your room. A lead isn't required inside your room, but please be sure not to let your dog get up on beds, sofas, tables, chairs etc.

▼My dog is fretting and is acting anxious in the new surroundings. What should I do?

Each building is equipped with a cleaning kit for any cleanlines emergencies, so please feel free to use it when necessary (please return it to its original location after use). If you have any problems with your room or common space (corridor, stairs, entrance, etc.) in regards to your dog, please be sure to contact the reception.

▼ How should I dispose of excrement?

For dog pee, you can use the dog run (Summer only), which can be used 24 hours a day, or on the gravel and soil on the premises (please refrain from cleaning the lawn or wood chips near the building). If you are unsure about your dog's toilet training, please bring and use a manner belt.

For dog poop, we have set up a special dog-waste trash can outside the reception entrance. Please tie the poop bag tightly and throw it away. Since SnowDog Village is in the mountains and there is wildlife around, the special trash can is installed in only one place so that it will not be damaged by animals and crows.

▼ Are there any amenities for my dog?

The only amenity that is provided for dogs is an adhesive roller for cleaning. Other amenities for dogs are not available. Please check the 'Recommended items to bring for a Dog Stay' list above and bring whatever equipment your dog is accustomed to. We do not provide many amenities, but SnowDog Village allows dogs in all areas, including the restaurant (Upashi Seta) and the cafe (36Parlour), the dog run (Summer), and the reception area.

▼ Can anyone use dog runs?

Since it is a private dog run, it can be used only by those who are staying at SnowDog Village and those who are dining at Upashi Seta. The dog run is a little small, so if it is crowded, please share it and use it together. If you would like to take a walk around Niseko with a large dog, please ask the staff for a recommended place. Also, please note that the dog run is not available in Winter due to heavy snowfall, but our staff can recommend places where you can take a walk while enjoying the snow.

▼ Are the guest rooms carpeted?

No - all guest rooms have hardwood flooring, and unfortunately there are no anti-slip measures for dogs, so please be cautious when the dog is inside the apartment.

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