Twin Peaks Bike Park

  • May 23, 2024

A vision realized

Niseko. The name conjures images of snow-capped peaks and the primal whoops of snowboarders and skiers hurtling down powdery slopes. But come summer, this bucket list haven for winter warriors is a different beast, one with a thirst for the limelight, shadowed by its frosty sibling's glacial glare.

The mountains cast their perpetual spell over the landscape. This is where the real action lies winter or summer. Where the adrenaline junkies crave their fix. Summer pastimes like golf, hiking and rafting are mere distractions for the faint-hearted. The intrepid among us hunger for the raw, unadulterated rush of activities that rely on speed, verticality and a hint of risk. The kind of exhilaration that leaves your heart pounding and your spirit howling for more. Enter NAMBA.

NAMBA is where the mountain's wild pulse beats strongest. Landing on the website reveals a shot of a verdant summer paradise, sprawling beneath the vigilant gaze of Mt. Yotei. And there it is, the Twin Peaks Bike Park Niseko, a sanctuary for thrill-seekers. The homepage, adorned with a legion of sponsors, speaks volumes about the founders' unwavering motivation and commitment to this ambitious dream.

A quick dive into NAMBA’s Instagram feed reveals a mosaic of sweat and grit, a visual diary of tens of thousands of volunteer hours poured into making this dream a reality. Founders, board members, and the community have rallied, their efforts transforming talk into tangible, exhilarating experiences. Ideas are cheap; execution is where the magic happens. The NAMBA team knows this truth intimately. Their sweat equity has amassed, ready to pay dividends in the form of pure, unadulterated summer adrenaline.

Niseko in summer is a revelation, a wild, untamed playground waiting for those brave enough to seek it. The time to cash in on all that relentless hard work is now, and the rewards are nothing short of spectacular. Niseko, in all its summer glory, is ready to claim its rightful place in the pantheon of adrenaline-fueled destinations. Have bike, will travel.


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