Niseko Souvenir Ideas

  • March 14, 2022

To many, the word “souvenir” conjures images of cramped shops overpouring with trinkets, nicknacks & novel t-shirts. While we are certainly not above sporting t-shirts graced by the smiling face of the Kutchan Town mascot Jagata-kun (read our blog on this smiling, skiing potato boy here!), when the time comes to buy our loved ones a souvenir we tend to prefer to grab a bit of omiyage (お土産)

If you run omiyage through a translator you’ll find… that this… just translates right on back to “souvenir”. While this is certainly an accurate translation as this word is a catch-all for nick nacks and travel keepsakes, in travel destinations across Japan omiyage often refers to local edible sweets & treats. Here are a few of our favorite places to grab omiyage in the Niseko area:

Milk Kobo

This café and dairy shop is home to a number of local delicacies, the ice-cream, shu-cream & yogurt drinks might not keep well enough to take on your flight home, but many of their gift boxes will keep well enough for your loved ones back home to enjoy


La Villa Lupicia is a Niseko favorite, travelers can take a bit of this local icon with them home to share with family & friends by picking up a selection of their tea, sweets or locally made craft beer!

Yoichi Wine

Yoichi, just a short drive or train ride away from Niseko, is home to rolling hills lined with rows of apple orchards & vineyards. This seaside town has been vinting wines since 1974 using grape varieties from across the globe. 

Craft Beer

While the Japanese beer market may be dominated by pilsners (breweries like Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin come to mind), craft beer is experiencing a surge in popularity domestically & right here in Niseko. Consider picking up a few bottles to bring home from one of our local breweries:

(Curious about local beers? We did our very own taste test of beers brewed right here in Kutchan - click here to see what we thought.)

Nikka Whiskey

Yoichi is perhaps best known for being the home of Nikka Whiskey. Visitors to this world famous distillery are able to tour the distillery (and sample their wares!) 

We recommend grabbing a bottle or two to bring home & share with friends.

Niseko Distillery

Niseko is now home to its own distillery! Niseko Distillery ultimately aims to distill whiskey, but due to the time required for whiskey to age & mature, whiskey is not yet available. While whiskey is not yet available, visitors to Niseko can find bottles of their Ohoro Gin at the distillery and in select bottle shops around the area.

Local Board & Ski Brands

Niseko is home to some of the deepest, lightest snow in the world – it is also home to some of the best powder ski & snowboard manufacturers. While a new set of skis or a new board might be a bit of an unwieldy gift to bring home as omiyage, many of the local brands sell merch in their showrooms:

Regardless of what omiyage piques your interest, you have to come to Niskeo first for it to be a souvenir! Come stay with us! Reach out to book your accommodation today.


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