SnowDog Village - Maybe the ideal Niseko winter stay?

  • July 22, 2022

Living the dream!

Ultimately everyone want access to the best snow. Did you know that you don't have to stay in Hirafu if it doesn't suit your style? Or perhaps, you have been there and done that and want a different experience! Read on for a great Hirafu alternative this winter. SnowDog Village at Niseko Village resort.

Location - Resort Comparison

When people first hear about Niseko, they often don't realize that it is actually a town proximate to the resort area. The Niseko resort area is actually made up of 4 separate resorts situated on the same mountain range, Annupuri Mountain, 10 minutes removed from the actual Niseko Town.

The majority of accommodation targeting international tourism is situated at Grand Hirafu. The focus of this article is to give some insight as to why SnowDog Village and the Niseko Village may be the better choice than Grand Hirafu for you and yours this winter.

The Mountain - Niseko Village facilities

Turning off the resort highway 343 and driving for 5 minutes past chalets, farms and the odd luxury condominium complex, the road passes by Niseko Village resort. Unlike the bustling Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village retains an air of exclusivity due in no small part to the pleasant countryside drive to reach it and the fewer skiers and riders that choose to base their Niseko vacation at the Village. Although it may be a tad smaller, Niseko Village facilities compare very favorably with those of Grand Hirafu. And with the Niseko Village "Shinyukigaya", you can purchase or rent the latest mountain gear and sample the fine dining located in the traditionally styled village arcade. See details of the mountain facilities below!

The Mountain - Grand Hirafu facilities

There is no mistaking where you are when you arrive at Grand Hirafu. Highway 343 suddenly becomes lined on either side by fancy condominiums, large hotels run by international hospitality and development giants and a myriad of places to shop, eat and people watch. Turning off the highway to the lift areas, more restaurants, buses, parking lots and shops greet the eye. Not to mention the throngs of people milling about to a fro on the way to the mountain, lunch or the golf simulator! See below for reasons why Grand Hirafu is the most popular resort area on the mountain.

While both resorts offer rentals and lessons, Grand HIrafu offers a greater variety of choices. On the other hand, Niseko Village boasts the best beginner areas of the two. As an aside, Niseko Hanazono has the best overall lesson and activity experience combined with great terrain, but that is not the subject of this article!

Accommodation - Considerations when choosing the right accommodation

Wrapping up brings us to perhaps the most important consideration when booking your Niseko Vacation. Where will you relax after an amazing day on the mountain? What kind of experience do you want? How much space do you need? What is your budget? Are you looking for a home away from home or do you intend to eat out every night? Accommodation can easily make or break your stay!

Niseko has a variety of accommodations to choose from. From budget hostel to bespoke curated chalet retreats. We find that most people require something that lands somewhere in-between. People want access to a variety of dining options as well as a fully equipped kitchen for nights in. People want comfortable bedrooms with ample living space for their group. Parking for rental cars and being within walking distance of the lifts is a priority for many. And if not, free easy transportation from their accommodation to the lifts. With that in mind, SnowDog Village ticks a lot of boxes.

SnowDog Village offers comfortable, modern, and fully equipped vacation condominiums set in a forested area of the Niseko Village environs. Parking is available in a greater amount than almost any accommodation in Hirafu and it is free! SnowDog Village also operates a private shuttle, to and from the Niseko Village lifts, that is exclusive to the guests. All of this can be found at a reasonable rate.

The Verdict

Ultimately the decision is up to you. As a guest of Vacation Niseko, we try our utmost to deliver the insight and local knowledge necessary for you to have the best time possible in Hokkaido. SnowDog Village may not be right for you. Perhaps Grand Hirafu, Niseko Hanazono or Annupuri are more your style. However, if SnowDog Village sounds about right, we highly recommend securing accommodation there. Click HERE to see what room types and dates are available. Or, just contact us through the form below with any questions or date requests you may have. We are here to help you stay, play, relax and enjoy.


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