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大型犬も泊まれるスノードッグビレッジにこの夏、ニセコエリアの有名キッチンカーや人気店達がやってくる!この夏は毎週末ニセコエリアの人気店フードとワンコ同伴可能な併設カフェ「UPASHI SETA」のドリンクのコラボナイト♪愛犬とニセコで美味しい楽しい夜を

Mountain Bike Developments Continue in Niseko

Mountain Biking is currently enjoying its time in the spotlight – many firmly believe that the sport will play a key role in the resort’s journey towards becoming a year-round destination.

Hanazono Resort Continues Infrastructure Investments

Niseko Hanazono set to become Asia's premium year round destination with impressive infrastructure, events and activities

SnowDog Village - a year round vacation destination!

SnowDog Village has all the best snow and summer season activities for your vacation. From snowboarding and skiing to hiking and SUP, SnowDog Village has you covered.

Travel to Japan for Winter 22-23 looking very good!

Entry rules and border restrictions for travel to Niseko. Quarantine and vaccination not needed! But wear a mask!

Niseko Summer 2022 Events

Niseko continues its maturation into a true 4 season resort - here are a few of our favorite summer events for 2022.



Winter 2021 - 2022 recap

The winter 2021 - 2022 season could be best described as “unrelenting”. With notable points like the snowiest February in recent history, 1,135+ cm of snowfall & consistent snowfall it was one for the record books.