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Restaurant Booking Guide

Booking a restaurant in Niseko isn't easy. To help you during this process, we have created a helpful guide which separates the restaurants into categories, ranging from very popular and hard to book to our recommendations outside the beaten path.

These restaurants are not only the ones we recommend, they are also the restaurants that fit our standard of professionalism and reliability. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to help you secure a booking with a restaurant outside of this list. Please kindly remember that we don’t receive any commission or kick-back from the restaurants, therefore please be assured that our selection criteria is not tainted by any conflict of interest.

*Restaurant information is updated frequently, however details can change quickly. Please check directly with the restaurants for the newest information.


Vegetarian and vegan restaurants Vegetarian

The Green List

Delicious vegetarian and vegan options

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Hidden Gems GO EXPLORE

Off the beaten path

Restaurants off the beaten track, offering good quality and likely to have availability. Try these for a real local experience

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Direct Booking List BOOK DIRECT

The Direct Bookings List

Popular restaurants which can be booked direct by the guest

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Popular Picks POPULAR

Popular Restaurants

These extremely popular restaurants can be fully booked in the peak season months in advance

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Our Restaurant Booking Service

We understand that dining is an integral part of the Niseko experience. However, due to Niseko’s growth over the last few years, we now find that the restaurants are not able to handle the high demand in a fluid manner. Due to the traditionally small size of Japanese restaurants, restaurant growth in the village has not kept pace with the increased demand and cultural differences between guests and the restaurants themselves. According to our experience, less than 10% of guests staying during peak seasons manage to book the restaurant of their first choice due to the reasons mentioned above.

Please kindly keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • Vacation Niseko will not be liable for any penalty associated with restaurant bookings performed by Vacation Niseko staff on behalf of guests.

  • No-show fees, last minute modification fees charged by restaurants will be charged to the guests on check-out or earlier.

  • Booking a restaurant on the day of your arrival increases the risk of no-show. Restaurants would still charge cancellation fees even if the no-show is following a delay caused by transportation problems, bad weather or any other reason.

  • Restaurants may still charge a cancellation fee in the case a guest falls sick, gets injured or any other reason preventing them from honouring the restaurant booking.

  • Please allow enough time for Vacation Niseko staff to contact the restaurant in the case of a cancellation or modification of your booking. We require at least three business days before any cancellation fees would be levied by the restaurant.


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