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Green Season Now Booking!

Niseko is not just about winter! Niseko is about Golf, BBQ, Rafting, Zipflight, Mountain biking, Swimming, SUP and a whole lot of starry nights and breezy days!

HINZAN - elegant accommodation in the heart of Hirafu

In a desirable location south of the Hirafu crossing, this luxurious Niseko property offers up a warm and sophisticated experience for those wanting accommodation at Grand Hirafu.

Is Niseko the Future Cycling Hub of Japan?

Is Niseko the Future Cycling Hub of Japan

SnowDog Village - a year round vacation destination!

SnowDog Village has all the best snow and summer season activities for your vacation. From snowboarding and skiing to hiking and SUP, SnowDog Village has you covered.

Niseko Summer 2022 Events

Niseko continues its maturation into a true 4 season resort - here are a few of our favorite summer events for 2022.

Sansai - Niseko's natural spring vegetable

As the sakura blooms begin in Hokkaido, a lesser known - but delicious natural phenomenon bursts to life in the Niseko area