Is Niseko the Future Cycling Hub of Japan?

  • July 19, 2022

Photo Credit: Niseko Gravel

It's no secret that Niseko has some of the most incredible, mellow terrain in the world for powder skiing & snowboarding – these more gradual slopes (in comparison to the steep vertical mountains of Europe and North America) also make the area perfect for cyclists. More organizations and events are beginning to recognize and capitalize on this – here are a few to keep an eye on:

The ANA Niseko Classic

At long last, the Niseko Classic is back for 2022, this year marks the first running of the event in 3 years due to Covid-19. The event has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of Asia's most prestigious cycling events.

Niseko Nine

Niseko Nine has been working to grow the mountain bike scene in Niseko for years now. The company specializes in all things MTB – from guiding to lessons to trail building. Their kids groups & MTB school look to build the next generation of local riders, both those based here locally and folks who’ve traveled here to Niseko on vacation.

Photo Credit: Niseko Gravel

Niseko Gravel

This endurance cycling event brings riders throughout the farmlands and forest roads of Niseko. Unlike road rides, Niseko Gravel does not discriminate when it comes to road surface – participants will find themselves riding across everything from buttery smooth tarmac to pristine gravel roads.



NAMTBA (Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association) is a nonprofit organization which seeks to unite stakeholders in Niseko towards the common goal of transforming Niseko into Asia’s premier mountain bike destination. The first proposed project, if approved, would bring the area over 20 kms of free to use trails. NAMTBA will eventually seek to hold a variety of events, races & fundraising drives as they seek to make Niseko a mountain biker’s paradise.


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