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Vacation Niseko 'Safe Stay' Guarantee

vacation niseko safe sty guarantee

Winter 20/21 will be the first season where COVID-19 is known, understood and realistically, still a threat. Vacation Niseko acknowledges this and wants all of our guests to feel safe while on holiday, so we are taking steps to improve our operations and customer experience. We call this the 'Safe Stay Guarantee' - a commitment by every level of our company to strike the perfect balance between what's best for you, the customer and us as an organisation. We promise to do everything in our power to decrease the risk of transmission and assist our guests while maintaining a high level of safety throughout Summer and the next Winter season in Niseko.

But to fight COVID-19, we can't do it alone: read on to see what we're doing to give you a 'Safe Stay Guarantee', and steps you can take to ensure the health of you and those around you.



vacation niseko free cancellation policy


We're offering a flexible booking policy

We understand it's difficult committing to overseas travel when everything is changing day by day. To combat nervousness, we are offering free postponements for bookings in our managed properties if you cancel more than 30 days prior to arrival. If you cannot come to Niseko due to COVID-19, we will hold 100% of your payments as a credit to use until April 26th, 2022.

We are constantly surveying news and reviewing our policies to balance what's best for you, the customer and the company. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our cancellation policies.

*In Vacation Niseko managed properties. Click here for other property's policies.

Cleanliness and sanitation are our top priority

In addition to our regular high standard of housekeeping, we are sanitising the common areas of our main check-in point four times a day, and individual property entrances at least twice a day (including door handles, elevators, keypads and reception counter). Keycards will be sanitised thoroughly before and after each stay, common areas will be ventilated as much as possible via windows (weather permitting) or air purifiers. Where possible, we will leave a day either side of a stay to decrease risk of transmission. 

All dishes, cooking tools, slippers, furniture and fittings will be thoroughly disinfected on arrival and departure cleans and in-house cleans will include disinfection of frequent contact points and furniture. We can also reduce or cancel in-house cleaning at your request to minimise contact if you desire.

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vacation niseko staff


Our staff are dedicated to your safety

All of our staff are required to wear masks at work, have their temperature taken at the start of their shift and wear gloves where appropriate. Efforts are being made to reduce the amount of face-to-face contact during the check in and check out process, including a plan to enforce mandatory online check-ins prior to arrival. Clear shields will be set up at reception desks to reduce spore transferral and social distancing markers are on the ground in reception areas.  Driving services for non-concierge properties will be limited strictly to check in and check out lifts from the Hirafu Welcome Center. Properties with concierge service and morning shuttles will strive to not mix groups in the vehicles and will have sanitary measures to reduce contact between guests and drivers.

We cooperate with suppliers for holistic safety

For many of our guests, it's not just accommodation that is booked through Vacation Niseko. Our guest services team can create an entire holiday package with transfers, lift passes, rentals, lessons and more - so we are dedicated to communicating with our external suppliers to ensure they meet the level of safety our guests deserve. If you have questions about the COVID-19 policies and procedures of any of your guest services providers, please don't hesitate to ask our team, and we can advise and ensure that you and your family can stay safe in every aspect of your holiday.

vacation niseko safestay promise

Read up on terms and conditions before booking

While our cancellation policy has become relaxed to help you be more flexible on your next holiday, it's important to be aware of exclusions, exact expiry dates and conditions of our policy. Also when you are booking flights, transfers and other services, be sure that the cancellation policy matches your needs. Please note that Vacation Niseko went on sale for Winter 20/21 after the widespread knowledge of COVID-19, so we expect all of our guests to be careful and aware of updates surrounding the pandemic before committing to international travel. We will be enforcing our regular cancellation policy strictly after our flexible period is over, so please keep that in mind if you are worried about second waves, further restrictions etc.

Protect yourself and others

While in Niseko, we strongly encourage all of our guests to do what they can to stop any potential transmission of the virus. Simple steps can be taken to greatly impact the safety of common areas, like wearing a mask in public places, regularly washing on sanitising your hands, closely monitoring temperatures and health, and practicing social distancing where possible. 

Please also avoid contact with staff members if you can avoid it: if you can walk a short distance instead of using the concierge driver, please do so and if you need assistance from the front desk - please call first.

Be aware of local safety guidelines and follow instructions & signage

Each country, region and town has different rules surrounding behaviour to stop the spread of the virus. Hokkaido has released a new, official set of guidelines to help tourism providers keep their spaces COVID-19 free, and these recommendations can also be used by you to stay healthy. We will have clear signage in our common areas which can assist you in practicing social distancing and remind you to regularly sanitise your hands. Our staff may ask you to wear a mask in common areas, use sanitiser upon entry or on occassion, take your temperature. Please cooperate with our staff and other establishments in Niseko during your stay, as we are all working to keep everyone safe!

If you would like more information on how we can work together to keep you safe on your trip, please don't hesitate to contact us:


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