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Wonder what it is like to work and live in Japan at one of the best companies in the Niseko area? See below for answers to our most commonly asked questions


We provide shared staff accommodation, that is shared with your work colleagues during the season. The shared common areas include living, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. This is a perfect opportunity to build new friendships during and outside work!

Each bedroom can accommodate 2 to 6 people. Please let us know if you will be bringing a friend or a partner and we can assign you to the same room.

Depending on snowfall, the ski resort usually opens sometime from 3rd December. The resort can stay open as late as May. We require applicants to be in Niseko by late November to have ample time to attend the training and induction.

We will provide 1 to 2 weeks of training in early December, before our guests start to arrive. Front-desk tasks, customer handling skill, and information about Niseko and its surroundings will be shared with you. Our management and training team will guide you every step of the way throughout the season to ensure that you can work with us with peace of mind. Every season, we have 95% of people new to this industry, so no need to worry if it’s going to be your first experience at the front.

Below are the three common schedule needed to cover all of the front desk tasks. It will show the working hours and the specific duties that need to be carried out on every shift.

TIME AM Staff : KYLA Morning Shift: 7:00-16:00 PM Staff: JAQUIE Afternoon Shift: 13:00-22:00 SPLIT SHIFT Staff: NOAH Split Shift: AM: 7:00-11:00, 15:00-19:00)
7:00 Work start! (Check any urgent tasks such as drive requests, or any handover tasks that needs immediate action) You can do SNOWBOARDING/SKIING first thing in the morning!(Just 10 min walk from our staff accommodation) Work start! (Check any urgent tasks such as drive requests, or any handover tasks that needs immediate action)
7:00 -10:00 ・Assist guests with Check-out ・Pick-up and drop-off the check-out guest ・Assist guests with Check-out ・Pick-up and drop-off the check-out guest
11:00 ・Break ・Break (4hours) Go Skiing(10 min walk from our work place )
12:00 ・Property key check
13:00 ・Preparation for today’s check in i.e. prepare check in pack and keys Work start! (Check any urgent tasks such as drive requests, or any handover tasks that needs immediate action)
15:00 ・Check-in the guests ・Check-in the guests Work start!
16:00 Finish Work! (You can do NIGHT SKIING after your shift! Just a 10 min walk from our work place) ・Pick-up and drop-off the check-in guest ・In-house guests correspondence(Questions and Requests) ・Pick-up and drop-off the check-in guest
17:00 Break ・Check-in the guests, assist inhouse guest requests
18:00 Prepare next day’s check out and check in packs Prepare next day’s check out and check in packs
19:00 Double check next day’s driving tasks and update the driving task board Finish Work! (You have time to go for dinner or party with friends!)
21:00 Check if the today’s task has been completed and check if all guests are checked in. ・Close the Front desk
22:00 Finish Work!

Preferably yes, our front desk staff will need to provide our guests pick up/drop off service between the bus stops, ski lifts and other places within the ski resort area if needed such as clinic or hospital. It will be helpful if you can legally drive a car in Japan. Snow driving training will be provided at the beginning of season.

Over 90% of our guests are international, coming primarily from Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and many more. Majority of these guests are snow sports fanatics who chases winter and come to Niseko regularly to enjoy one of a kind powder snow experience and a relaxing ski trip.

Our resort requires a minimum stay of three nights, leading to many of our guests in having extended stays. This allows close interactions between our staff and guests. We place a high value on friendly customer service, aiming to provide a comfortable stay for all our guests.

In addition, we also one of the few accommodation and the only condominium apartment building that is dog friendly. This is perfect for our guests who would like to bring their dogs with them during their winter holiday! Therefore, it's not uncommon to see guests or staff with dogs. This diverse range of guests makes working part-time at our resort a multifaceted experience.

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