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Day Tours

Lake Toya - Spring

The region surrounding Niseko in the summertime begs to be explored. Gentle valleys and hills, pristine creeks and springs, numerous onsen, verdant farmland, mountains on all sides, the list goes on. The beautiful Lake Toya is a must-see for anyone wanting to hike in and around an active volcano, and provides a great lake town atmosphere. The nearby Makkari region is an excellent afternoon trip, with famous bakeries and tofu shops hidden away amongst its wilderness.

Shakotan Peninsula - Summer

Day tour options change throughout the season. Arrange a tour for late April’s Golden Week, widely considered the official start to summer festivities, and witness Sapporo’s vibrant cherry blossoms (sakura). For those that prefer fall foliage, a trip to Noboribetsu in early October is a must, where the autumn colours always impress. This area is also home to some of Hokkaido’s most surreal scenery - Hell Valley. True to its name, this area is also quite volcanically active, and therefore has some of Hokkaido’s finest onsen (Japanese natural hot springs).

Jozankei - Autumn

For those looking to catch a glimpse of Japanese urban life, head to Sapporo. Fireworks, antique shopping and Bon-Odori dances are on display at the Summer Festival, which runs from the end of July until the end of August. This festival boasts Japan’s most famous beer garden - where local and international beer is served in a beer garden stretching 1 km long! If visiting earlier or later in the summer, know that Sapporo’s parks, dining, shopping, and big-city lights can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

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