Airport Transfers

The nearest airport from Niseko is New Chitose Airport, which is about 100 km away. Hokkaido has a good network of transport systems and Niseko is easily accessible from Sapporo City or New Chitose Airport via private transfers, coach transfers and trains. You simply need to provide your flight details and our friendly Reservation Consultant will do the rest. 

Bus Transfers (Winter 2022-23)

sapporo chitose airport to niseko bus transfers

Bus transfers are a cost effective transfer option from New Chitose airport to the Niseko ski resort. The typical journey takes around 2.5 – 3 hours. Whilst convenient and hassle free, all coach transfer options are scheduled services departing at set times, which may not suit all customers. Based on your arrival / departure time, Vacation Niseko will arrange the most suitable service.

Airport shuttle bus services are operated by Resortliner.

New Chitose Airport <> Niseko transfers

Vacation Niseko will arrange the service that best meets your arrival or departure flight. When you book bus transfers our team will pick you up and drop you off from Hirafu Welcome Center or Niseko Hilton Village (SnowDog guests only). Booking with Vacation Niseko allows for a hassle free check in / check out process.

  • 4,500 yen per person one way
  • 3,500 yen per child one way (12 years and under)

Winter 2022/23 bus schedule

New Chitose Airport - Niseko

Service Period: December 1st, 2022 - March 31st, 2023

BUS STOP/BUS NO. 101 103 105 107 109 111
DEPART New Chitose Airport (Domestic Terminal) 9:45 11:45 13:45 15:45 17:55 19:45
New Chitose Airport (International Terminal) N/A N/A 13:55 15:55 18:05 19:55
REST Bifue Pass o o o o N/A N/A
ARRIVE Rusutsu Resort Hotel N&S 11:40 13:40 15:50 17:50 20:00 21:50
  Westin Rusutsu Resort 11:45 13:45 15:55 17:55 20:05 21:55
Hirafu Welcome Center 12:25 14:25 16:35 18:35 20:45 22:35
The Green Leaf Niseko Village 12:45 14:45 16:55 18:55 21:05 22:55
Hilton Niseko Village 12:50 14:50 17:00 19:00 21:10 23:00
Hinode Hills Niseko Village 12:55 14:55 17:05 19:05 21:15 23:05
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri 13:10 15:10 17:20 19:20 21:30 23:20
Hotel Kanro no Mori 13:20 15:20 17:30 19:30 21:40 23:30
Niseko Grand Hotel 13:25 15:25 17:35 19:35 21:45 23:35
*If t don't stop at Rusutsu Resort, you will reach Hirafu Welcome Center about 10min earlier (required time:2h 30min).
*If you going to Niseko by #109 or #111, you will have a break at Rusutsu Resort or Country Road Station.

Niseko - New Chitose Airport

Service period: December 3rd, 2022 - April 2nd, 2023

BUS STOP/BUS NO. 102 104 106 108 110 112
DEPART Niseko Grand Hotel 6:50 8:50 10:20 11:50 13:20 14:50
Hotel Kanro no Mori 6:55 8:55 10:25 11:55 13:25 14:55
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri 7:05 9:05 10:35 12:05 13:35 15:05
The Green Leaf Niseko Village 7:20 9:20 10:50 12:20 13:50 15:20
Hilton Niseko Village 7:25 9:25 10:55 12:25 13:55 15:25
Hinode Hills Niseko Village 7:30 9:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30
Hirafu Welcome Center 7:50 9:50 11:20 12:50 14:20 15:50
Rusutsu Resort Hotel N&S 8:35 10:35 12:05 13:35 15:05 16:35
  Westin Rusutsu Resort 8:40 10:40 12:10 13:40 15:10 16:40
REST Bifue Pass o o o o o o
ARRIVE New Chitose Airport (Domestic Terminal) 10:40 12:40 14:10 15:40 17:10 18:40
New Chitose Airport (International Terminal) 10:45 12:45 14:15 15:45 17:15 18:55

Sapporo City <> Niseko transfer

There are bus services between Sapporo City and - Niseko as well. The bus service stops at around 20 hotels in Sapporo (if your hotel is not listed the bus will drop you at the nearest hotel).

Transfers are scheduled to take around 2 hours 30min to 3 hours. Fares are:

  • 4,500 yen per person one way
  • 3,500 yen per child one way (12 years and under)

*No ticket required as all coach transfers are booked in advance. Bookings will be under the same name as your Vacation Niseko booking, unless you have provided an alternative. The meeting location will be shown with final documentation.

**Please note the pick up and drop point for guests staying at all Vacation Niseko properties except SnowDog Village is the Hirafu Welcome Center. The pick up and drop off point for SnowDog Village guests is the Hilton Niseko Village.

Private Transfers (Winter 2022-23)

private transfer chitose sapporo airport to niseko

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Niseko is by private transfer. To ensure a minimal wait the driver will meet you at the arrivals gate and bring you direct to your accommodation. There is also the flexibility to stop on the way, for example, stopping at a supermarket en route to Niseko (extra charges may apply).

Sapporo City or New Chitose Airport <> Niseko

  • 2 person private transfer  – 32,000 yen
  • 8 person private transfer  – 41,000 yen
  • ~15 person private transfer minibus – 60,000 yen
  • ~40 person private coach transfer - 100,000 yen
  • Private luxury coach transfers – on request basis

Private tour / charter options are also available for people looking to go via Otaru or Sapporo on their way to Niseko.

*Child and baby seats can be added to your transfer upon request.

**A supermarket stopover can be added to your transfer for an extra charge. (6,000 yen~ per 30 min)

***Additional surcharges may apply (during peak periods or for early or late transfers). Guest may also be responsible for highway and parking charges to be paid directly to the driver.


Looking to find out more information on this or would like help booking? We provide booking services to all guests staying with Vacation Niseko.

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