Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile Tours

Hanazono Snowmobiling tours

Snowmobiling is the ultimate alternative to skiing. Equal in terms of adventure, adrenaline and excitement, but more accessible for members of the whole family, snowmobiling is something everyone should try. 

A wide variety of tours are possible. Learn the basics on a picturesque introduction course in Hanazono, climb the hills and appreciate the vista on the Panorama Course, or go on an epic adventure to see the Sea of Japan on the Ocean View course. For experienced snowmobilers, deep-powder tours are available, as are timber bikes and snowmobile-assisted backcountry snowboarding and skiing.


  • A 30-minute course where the spacious expanse of the golf course is your playground. An ideal course for first-timers.


  • Looking for a bit more adventure? Ride the vilvet powder snow through forest glades, and enjoy the panoramic views.
Snowmobiling Tours
Tour Duration Single Rider Tandem Rider Particiapnts Starting Time
Group Rabbit Tour 30 minutes ¥7,500 per machine ¥11,000 per machine

Min. - 2 machines

Max. - 8 machines

09:00am, 11:30am or 14:00pm
Group Panorama Tour 60 minutes ¥13,000 per machine ¥19,000 per machine

Min. - 2 machines

Max. - 8 machines

10:00am, 12:30pm or 15:00pm

Age Restrictions:

  • Single Rider Snowmobile: from 13 years old
  • Tandem Snowmobile: from 7 years old / 120cm in height, riding tandem with a parent / guardian aged 18 years and over.

Tour Size Requirements:

  • Group Tours require 2 machines minimum to operate
  • Up to 8 machines maximum can take part in the course.
  • 4 tandem machines are available in total
  • A group of 12 would need 8 guests riding 4 tandem machines, and 4 guests riding single rider machines. 

Snowmobiling tours can be booked once in-resort, through our helpful and friendly front desk team.


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