Winter Food Services

With COVID-19 making it less appealing to eat indoors in crowded restaurants, many local food providers have created delivery and at-home solutions, meaning you can savour all the culinary delight's of Niseko famous dining scene from the comfort of your home.

Breakfast Delivery

Lupicia Japanese and Western Style Breakfast

Western Breakfast: Freshly baked bread, soup, pork cassoulet, marinated salmon, pickles, ratatouille

Japanese Breakfast: Rice, soup, stewed hamburg steak, roasted duck, kinpira (sauteed and simmered vegetables), pickles

The above sets are for 1 person. These sets can be delivered to your room daily.


POW Bar 2-Day Breakfast Kit

4 POW BARs - one of each flavour (Fruit & Nut Crunch, Tahini & Date, Fig & Hazelnut, Cacao & Coconut)

300g premium crunch granola

2 pastries

120g fruit jam

soy milk

The above set is for 2 people. This set can be delivered to your room with advance notice.


Lunch/Dinner DIY Meal Kit

Kamimura Wagyu Beef Dinner

A delicious premium wagyu beef dinner lovingly prepared by Michelin-starred chef Kamimura san. Easily assembled in the comfort of your accommodation in 10 minutes with instructions from the chef, the food will be prepared that day and vacuum sealed for freshness. After ordering, our staff will deliver this pack to your accommodation in the afternoon.

- Premium cut of braised wagyu beef

- Mashed potatoes with beef jus

- Hokkaido seafood bouillabaisse

- 1 loaf of potato focaccia with truffle butter

- Optional bottle of sommelier-selected wine (white or red)

Packs contain servings for 2 people.


The Cabin Fresh Meat Pies

Enjoy fresh, high quality meat pies made right here in Niseko. You'll receive a pack of two pies to heat and eat in your accommodation - you can choose from the following flavours:

- Rusutsu wagyu beef & onion

- Chicken tikka


Nami G's Gyoza

Savour these little bites of handmade vegan goodness. Prepared fresh and delivered to cook in your accommodation in just minutes, gyoza are the perfect Japanese sharing food to enjoy during your holiday. Choose from the following gyoza packs:

- Eggplant gyoza (12)

- Shiitake mushroom gyoza (12)

- Mixed pack (Eggplant and shiitake, 12)


Niseko Pizza Pasta Dishes

The famous Niseko Pizza are offering DIY pasta kits to prepare at home. You can choose from the following options, each kit serves 1 person, so choose a couple and enjoy a hearty meal made with love.

- Original Bolognese & fettuccine pasta

- Arrabbiata & fettuccine pasta

- Italian meatballs & fettuccine pasta

- Pesto chicken & fettuccine pasta

- Lasagne

- Garlic bread (6 pieces: 3x garlic, 3x cheese & garlic)


Hotpot Sets

The ultimate Winter comfort food in Japan is hotpot! Enjoy delicious meat, veggies and yummy extras in a pot of hearty, warm broth, cooked exactly how you like it. We can provide you with a hotpot set (clay pot, portable stove and gas), plus one of the below ingredient packs to prepare in your accommodation.

Each set is serves 2 people:

Shabu Shabu set

- beef

- pork

- vegetables

- ponzu

- sesame dressing

Shabu Shabu Deluxe set

- beef

- pork

- lambs

- vegetables

- ponzu

- sesame dressing

- soy sauce

- ramen noodles

- bean sprouts

Chicken Nabe set

- chicken drumsticks

- vegetables

- tofu

- dashi soup

- udon

Hair Crab + Seafood Nabe set

- scallops (boiled)

- prawns (boiled)

- red fish

- salmon

- tara

- vegetables

- salted chanko soup

- hair crab (350g)

Snow Crab + Seafood Nabe set

- scallops (boiled)

- prawns (boiled)

- red fish

- salmon

- tara

- vegetables

- salted chanko soup

- snow crab (800g)

In-House Chef Experience (2021-22 Options coming soon!)

Enjoy high quality cuisine and a fun night in with dinner made by a private chef. There are 3 meals to choose from, and there's no need to worry about setting up or doing the dishes! Sit back, relax and savour the delights of Niseko Gourmet's expert chefs and hosts. These meals are available for groups of any size, with a minimum group of 4 people required.

Sushi and Sukiyaki Dinner

Sushi Master Kamada will prepare and serve 8 pieces of sushi per person: Scallop, salmon, chutoro tuna, maguro tuna, white seasonal fish, mackerel, sweet prawns.

To follow this, choose from either sukiyaki with Hokkaido Wagyu beef shoulder loin or Shabu Shabu with Hokkaido Makkari herb pork shoulder loin or Hokkaido apple beef shoulder loin.


Homestyle Hokkaido Dinner

Please choose one of the menus below:

Menu A: Imomochi and kinpira (Hokkaido style potato cake, braised burdock root), chan chan yaki (Hokkaido style salmon with vegetables and miso), takikomi gohan (Japanese seasoned rice, chicken and vegetables, served with Hokkaido clear soup), kinako ice cream (soybean ice-cream with brown sugar syrup).

Menu B: Kiriboshi daikon and ageimo (dried radish simmered with Japanese seasoning, Hokkaido potato salad), Hokkaido zangi (Hokkaido style fried chicken), gomoku chirashizushi (sashimi over rice), matcha ice cream.


Thai Dinner

Please choose one of the menus below:

Menu A: Fresh spring rolls (grilled pork with vegetables wrapped in rice paper served with sweet chili sauce), Larb Gai (minced chicken with red onion and ground roasted rice mixed in spicy lime dressing), Tom Yum Goong (prawns, lemongrass, galangal, fresh chili, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, lime juice  and mushrooms in spicy broth), chicken green curry (chicken, basil, eggplants, and broccoli cooked in green coconut curry, served with steamed rice).

Menu B: Por Pea Thod (deep fried spring roll served with plum sauce), Ka Prow Moo (stir-fried minced pork with basil), Tom Kha Talay (market seafood, lemongrass, galangal, fresh chili, kaffir lime leaves, coriander and mushrooms in coconut soup), Massaman Gai (chicken massaman curry with potatoes, onion and carrot).


Grocery Delivery

We can have the below grocery packs delivered and ready in your room for check-in. Perfect if you don't feel like visiting the grocery store as soon you arrive in Niseko!

Breakfast Pack

Hokkaido Whole Milk



Olive Oil

12 Pack of Eggs

Bread x2


Orange Jam


Orange Juice



Tea Bags



Sliced Cheese


Snack Pack


-Potato chips

-Hokkaido beans



-Fuet Calidad Extra sausage



Local Takeaway

Niseko Tourism have compiled a list of takeaway-friendly restaurants in Niseko for the 20/21 Winter season, if you are looking to dine in your apartment this Winter, these restaurants are perfect!


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