People of VN 001: Scott

  • October 02, 2020

Welcome to our 'People of VN' series, where we interview our beloved staff about living in Asia's powder mecca and working for Vacation Niseko. First up we have Scott, our Sales and Marketing manager.

Q: Are you a local or did you move here? If you moved here, why?

I moved here from Australia back when Niseko was just taking off. Japan, snow and food were all drivers and Niseko delivers on these and more. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors all year long has also been fantastic.

Q. How do you spend your time outside of work?

niseko road cycling bike

I have a young family, so most of my time is spent with them. But when I do get a chance I like to remain active, especially on my bike. There are no better roads for cycling on then the ones found around Niseko - quiet, smooth and scenic. I also like getting to the coast and enjoy a dip in the ocean during the summer months.

Q. What activity would you recommend to someone new to living and working here?

I'd recommend anything that involves the great outdoors (including Mountain vegetable gathering in Spring). The beauty of living in the mountains is that you have so much to enjoy around you. I sense if you don't embrace this then you will not last long in Niseko. Also with a focus on your health in this current environment, remaining active is key to maintaining this.

Q. What is your favourite local food / dish or meal from Hokkaido? 

tsubara tsubara soup curry restaurant niseko hokkaido

I'd have to say Tonkatsu or the Hokkaido speciality - Soup Curry.


Q. What team do you work for and what are the key tasks that you and the team perform?

I am the Sales and Marketing Manager and lead the team. My role is very diverse and I am always looking at how we are servicing the guest and how we can do this better. Seasonal rates and our position in the market, sales channels, product offerings and then where and how we promote this to our broad customer base. Add into the mix the fact that Summer is primarily a domestic product and you have yourself an interesting team to be apart of. The diversity is what keeps it interesting and enjoyable.


Q. What do you like about working at Vacation Niseko?

vacation niseko sales and marketing team

I have been with Vacation Niseko a long time and I think the 2 biggest things for me are the people I work with and the company culture. While the majority of staff are Japanese we operate somewhere in the middle between a Japanese & Western company cultures. The company is also very embracing of all cultures and are always looking for ways to improve as a business.


Q. What is an accomplishment at work that you are particularly proud of?

The development of my staff. Being here so long I have worked with many in my team and I am particularly proud of my former team members who have gone on into a management role within the tourism sector. I like to think they learnt their craft under my stewardship or at least I helped them find it within themselves. Secondly the quality of work we are now producing and how we respond to our valued guests are also accomplishments I pride myself on.


Keep your eyes peeled for more 'People of VN' blogs in the coming months, and thanks to Scott for taking the time to talk with us!

Looking to live and work in Niseko?

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