Private onsens in Niseko (with map!)

  • March 01, 2021

Going to an onsen for the first time is undoubtedly a little intimidating - stripping down and bathing with total strangers is hardly a regular occurence in the west. If you're not ready to jump into the world of public onsens, have no fear, there are many private onsens available in Niseko for you to enjoy the healing benefits of the warm, mineral-rich water. These onsens are also good options for those with tattoos (many public onsens don't allow guests who have tattoos) or couples who'd like a private onsen experience.

1. Chalet Ivy

Image: Chalet Ivy

The private onsen at Chaley Ivy is a great option for those looking for a discreet onsen experience in Hirafu village, as the hotel is located on Hirafu-zaka, the village's main street. Reservations are required to enjoy this onsen, and sessions last 45 minutes.

2. Kira no Yu

Image: The Tokyo Chapter

Kira no yu is a popular onsen located in Niseko Town, around ~15 minutes from Hirafu village. They have one private onsen available (reservations not essential but recommended) and it's great for price conscious guests. It's a basic onsen, but opening the large windows during the session offers a view into the grassed area outside the pools and a refreshing gust of air. The onsen complex also has a cafe, gift shop, relaxation room, massage chairs and various vending machines.

3. Moku no Sho

Image: Moku no Sho
Image: Moku no Sho

Located in the Annupuri/Moiwa area of Niseko, Moku no Sho onsen is a high-end hotspring hotel that allows non-staying visitors to enjoy an onsen and dinner package. Gaze out from the window at the forest and Niseko Anbestu River while relaxing in their private onsen, which includes luxe amenities and a lovely polished stone build. Before your onsen you will be treated to traditional a Japanese Kaiseki-style dinner using seasonal and locally sourced high quality ingredients. You can access Moku no Sho via car or taxi.

4. Kanro no Mori

Image: Kanro no Mori

The Kanro no Mori private onsen in the Annupuri/Moiwa area of Niseko is perfect for families, as it fits over 10 people in its large bath and has multiple shower stations and a baby change area in the drying room. There is also a sauna available to use in the private onsen area and complimentary towel rental, making this option great value. It's worth noting that this onsen is indoors with no windows, so you won't receive a view if you choose this option.

5. Yūsenkaku

Image: Good! Hokkaido!

The Yūsenkaku private onsen is located at Konbu station, around 20 minutes from Hirafu village by car. This onsen is a favourite of Japanese visitors and locals due to its affordable price, range of hotsprings (public) and proximity to the station. Quality meals are also available at the onsen complex, so we recommend having dinner there before your private onsen session.

Whether you're looking for onsen options that are tattoo-bearer or family friendly, or if you're looking for a more private experience in general, there are plenty of private onsens to choose from in the Niseko area.

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