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New Niseko Accommodation tax from November 2019

kutchan accommodation tax hirafu

The main Hirafu intersection


Niseko will see a small change in the price of its accommodation starting in November 2019. This new tax is applied to accommodations located in the municipal area of Kutchan Town only. Read on to find out details about the tax and why it will be implemented.


The Tax

Visitors will pay 2% tax on their accommodation fee for overnight lodging in the Kutchan Town boundaries.
This tax will automatically be added to the price of the visitor’s accommodation fee for properties managed by Vacation Niseko.


hirafu niseko snowy streets

A snowy day in the Hirafu Village. Hirafu is part of Kutchan Town, so this new tax applies there 


Why has this new tax been introduced?

The accommodation tax is for a specific purpose which is unique to Kutchan Town in the Niseko area. The purpose is to cover costs involved in promoting tourism, and enhancing the attractiveness of Kutchan Town. Niseko and Kutchan have both developed into one of the most famous ski resorts in the entire world, and changes need to be made. The revenue from the tax will be used to solve issues associated with the rising number of tourists and to increase visitors' satisfaction and revisit rate.


Who pays the tax?

Visitors who stay overnight in lodging facilities in the municipal area of Kutchan Town will pay the new tax.


*Students and teachers etc. on school trips or traveling for business are exempt from this tax if they are pre-approved by an authorized Japanese school official as a study trip serving educational purposes.

*Diplomats who present a tax exemption card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan are exempt from tax. 


Tax rate

2% of your accommodation fee

*Accommodation fee doesn't include consumption tax, bathing facility tax, cost of meals etc.


How to pay the tax

The tax will be added to the accommodation fee at the lodging facility in which you are staying. Vacation Niseko will always include the tax in our price, while other online booking agencies or companies my not. If you see a cheaper price for the same accommodation, make sure it includes this new tax. This article is to simply inform you of the changes taking place that may affect your accommodation price.

 *The details may change depends on the outcome of the consultation with the Minister of Internal Affairs.


mt yotei niseko japan

Mt. Yotei, the symbol of Niseko! 


Who to contact for more information

Contact: Kutchan Town Office

(General Info) General Policy Division TEL: 0136-56-8001

(Collection of Accommodation Tax) Tax Division  TEL:0136-56-8002


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