5 reasons you should visit Niseko this Summer

  • May 21, 2019

It’s no secret that Niseko is home to some of the best snow in Asia, with yearly snowfalls to rival most alpine regions in the world. But what a lot of visitors to Hokkaido’s mountain paradise forget is the huge range of activities available in summer. Proximity to the ocean, volanic soil and towering mountain ranges bless Niseko with gorgeous scenery and lush landscapes as well as a thriving local community and delicious produce. Here are our top 5 reasons you should visit Niseko in summer!

1. Hiking Mt Yotei

Coined by the Japanese as “Fujiyama” or “mini Fuji”, Hokkaido’s most picturesque mountain is a challenge in the winter, with at least 6 hours needed to complete for an average hiker, not to mention needing ski skins or a splitboard. But in the summer, all you need is a good pair of hiking boots and you’re on your way to amazing views and a rewarding adventure!

Mt Yotei in Summer with flowers
Mt Yotei is a challenging but rewarding hike with spectacular views.

2. The food

Just because the crowds are away, it doesn’t mean Niseko’s restaurants close down! Incredible produce including corn, asparagus, milk and the famous Kutchan potatoes are fresh and ready to be served in multiple restaurants in the area, including Michelin-acknowledged spot Pizza del Sole, local favourite Abucha2 and the late Anthony Bourdain’s pick Rakuichi Soba. Avoid the lines and enjoy the sumputous offerings of Hokkaido’s finest farmers and chefs!

Zucchinis and tomatoes in a Niseko market
You can find some Japan's sweetest and highest quality fresh produce in Niseko.

3. Golf

Wide open fields and incredible views make Niseko an amazing place to play golf in the summer. There are multiple courses in the area including the popular HANAZONO golf course with it’s challenging terrain and the Niseko Village and Niseko Town courses spread across the region. Volcanic soil and pleasant temperatures turn Niseko into a green haven for golf lovers in the summer; you can book your next golf trip easily with Vacation Niseko’s golf packages available now.

A man plays golf in Niseko, Japan
Niseko has wide, open fields with lush greenery for a perfect golfing experience.

4. Weather

It’s no surprise that Japanese people love coming to Hokkaido in the warmer months - with scorching temperatures and sweltering humidity in Honshu (Japan’s southern island), Hokkaido is a welcomed oasis of dry, pleasant conditions to soak up the summer sun and spend time with loved ones. Enjoy a bike ride, swimming in the river or a delicious barbeque while surrounded by lush greenscapes and fresh breezes.

Sunflowers sit at the base of Yotei on a beautiful summer day
Dry air from Siberia makes Hokkaido the perfect place to escape the humidity and enjoy clear skies.

5. Matsuri/Festivals

Much like other parts of Japan, Niseko celebrates each year with a variety of festivals or matsuri to coincide with shrine holidays, good harvests or the start of a new season. Some highlights include the Kutchan Jaga (Potato) Festival - celebrating Kutchan’s proud export of the humble potato, Hirafu Matsuri, Niseko Autumn Food Festival featuring local, in-season produce and the Niseko Yoga Festival. To read more about the festivals happening this summer, check out our blog post here.

A parade at the 2018 Kutchan Jaga Festival in Niseko
The Kutchan Jaga Matsuri is a great opportunity to see the local community come together and celebrate.

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