How to enjoy Niseko in the Pandemic

  • January 29, 2022

The pandemic continues to drag on here in Niseko. While many places are shuttered for the season (or at least through the most recent quasi-state of emergency), there are still plenty of ways to have fun here in Niseko without violating social distancing protocols.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Niseko now or plan to travel to Niseko this winter, here are a few tips on how to have a fun (& responsible) time in the midst of the pandemic:

1. Embrace the "no friends on a powder day" lifestyle:

Friends? Who needs ‘em. Go it alone & keep your secret stashes of pow for yourself.

this is exactly what we're talking about!

2. Lap Hirafu’s King 4 lift:

It’s hard to rub elbows with strangers while riding this iconic one seater chairlift!
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King 4's nature as a single seater chairlift makes it a perfect place to distance yourself from others. The views & terrain accessible from the lift? Just extra perks.

3. Venture into the backcountry:

Turn on that transceiver, slap on your skins & leave the crowds behind. Sure, you need a touring partner (& safety gear & know-how), but getting outside greatly reduces transmission risk. Not sure what touring route is right for you? We recommend checking out Hokkaido Wilds ever growing list of touring routes and other winter (& summer!) activities.

Local photographer Alister Buckingham captures the beauty of getting out into the mountains & earning turns!

4. Order takeout:

A day in the mountains (or a day spent onsen hopping!) can really work up one's appetite. Order yourself an at-home feast from one ofNiseko’s many takeout-friendly restaurants.

A warming nabe, shabu shabu or hot pot can take the edge off of Niseko's chilly winter days.

5. Hone your photography skills:

Niseko’s wealth of natural beauty makes it a veritable paradise for photographers. We recommend going for a drive, or renting a set of snowshoes, and capturing the landscape as you explore the area

All roads lead to Yotei -- and all roads boast incredible views of Niseko's abundant nature.

Looking for other activities to enjoy? Contact us today & let us help plan your trip.


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