Hanazono Resort Continues Infrastructure Investments

  • June 14, 2022

Future Light - Copyright © 2021 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Serena Munro #4 (cropped)

Hanazono Niseko Resort is set to open two new activities next month: the Hanazono Zip World and Mountain Lights. These additional activities mark a continued investment in the resort’s infrastructure and offering of activities.

The Mountain Lights exhibit promises to dazzle visitors with 180,000 points of light – concept photos look like something out of science fiction as the exhibit looks both organic and man made. This promises to be an otherworldly experience.

The Hanazono Zip World will bring visitors along an array of ziplines taking participants from the forests of Mt. Annupuri back down to the Hanazono base area. Riders will reach speeds in excess of 100kph on the longest of the ziplines, the BLACK DIAMOND SUPERFLY. At 1.7km in length, this zipline will be among the longest in Asia.

These new activities, set to open in July, follow on the heels of the resort’s construction of a new six-seater chairlift and ten-person gondola. Construction of these new uplift systems was completed in time for the opening of the 2021 - 2022 season (read more here). 

Lift cables, zipline cables… cables seem to be a theme in the resort’s recent developments as the resort has just recently (as of 2022) opened a new Tree Trekking & Tree Walk. This course features routes of varying difficulty making it perfect for the whole family. Cables, balance beams, ziplines, and more are tucked away in the canopy – a fantastic way to challenge oneself while communing with nature.

Lastly, the most apparent recent improvements and developments made at the resort would be structural. Hanazono is now home to the Park Hyatt Niseko hotel and its suite of dining and other pampering options – many of which are accessible to members of the public and travelers staying at other hotels and accommodations. Hanazono has also recently added Hanazono Edge, a cafeteria featuring a variety of Japanese and Western foods – a favorite among travelers and locals seeking to warm up and chow down. 


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