Niseko Workation: live the holiday life & work remotely

  • August 11, 2020

Now that remote work is becoming the norm for many workers in Japan and around the world, it provides a unique opportunity to travel and refresh while still meeting your career goals and staying a part of the team. If you're looking to use this time to try a 'workation', look no further than Niseko, Hokkaido. With no dense crowds, stunning views from the resort-style accommodation and a plethora of activities to experience after the work day, you can experience a new place while getting back to nature, spending more time with your family and still getting your work done.

Imagine This

You sleep in after a spending an evening with your family BBQing in the fresh Niseko air. You head to the kitchen for a Nespresso coffee and fresh fruit from the roadside farm you picked up the day before. As you take a seat at the dining table to check your emails, you're distracted for a moment by the picture-perfect view of Mt Yotei from the window. You say goodbye to the family as they head off for a day of tree trekking or white water rafting before you login for your mid-morning meeting using the free Wi-Fi. After a few hours of work, you head out to a local cafe for a delicious lunch using local organic ingredients and a freshly roasted coffee - you decide to stay a while, logging into the Wi-Fi and continuing your work for another few hours.

As you drive through the forest back to your accommodation, you stop by the nearby bakery for some fresh bread for dinner. You finish the work day back in your villa with a view of the Niseko mountains, the clouds settling over the peaks and the sky turning a beautiful shade of pink. The family's arrives home, and the kids ask if you want to do some yoga in the living room while your partner starts making a delicious meal using the bread you bought and the vegetables they picked up at the michi no eki on the way home.

One hilarious yoga session and a fantastic dinner later, you take some time out to soak in the bathtub overlooking the mountains, and get ready for bed. The kids offer you a creme puff from the local dairy farm as you meet in the living room for one last round of Monopoly, then it's lights out. You rest well in the king-sized bed and do it all again tomorrow.

Believe it or not, you can live the holiday life while working - and Niseko is the perfect place to try it! Here are our recommendations for the best places to have a work-cation in Niseko:

Remote-Work-Friendly Accommodation

1. LOFT Niseko

2 or 3 Bedroom apartments overlooking Mt Yotei. Modern, scandi-inspired interiors and luxe furnishings. Located in the quiet lower Hirafu village area for peaceful surroundings but proximity to everything you need. Master bedrooms include a desk and armchairs in the living rooms offer a comfortable workspace.


2. MUSE Niseko

Studios and 1/2/3/4 Bedroom apartments with views of Mt Yotei and/or Mt Niseko/Annupuri. Modern and high end interiors with Ainu-inspired artwork for a unique accommodation option. Master bedrooms include a desk with light and living rooms are spacious. An onsite cafe and popular restaurant across the street put you in the heart of the village.


3. Aspect

2/3/5 Bedroom apartments perfectly perched in lower Hirafu with Mt Yotei views. Platinum room types include roomy desks with lights in every bedroom so they're great for groups with multiple workers, plus the living rooms in all apartments are spacious with luxurious fittings and furnishings.


4. Forest Estate

3 Bedroom standalone houses in the lower village. Refined and uncomplicated furnishings provide a relaxing ploace to work, and the split floors offer living and dining on top, and bedrooms/bathrooms on the bottom for increased privacy when needed. Extra spacious living/dining areas and a large balcony with Yotei views provides a shared area that feels nice and open.


5. Niseko Landmark View Apartments

2 or 3 Bedroom apartments in upper Hirafu village. The Premium apartment types include uncompromised views of Mt Yotei and the friendly front desk team can help you with any inquiries. The Summer mountain bike trails are a stone throw away, as well as Rhythm Japan with equipment rentals and cafe. 


6. Koho

3 Bedroom standalone house in the forest of lower Hirafu. The wood-cabin style offers a renovated interior while keeping the charm of a traditional cottage. The living area takes up the entire top floor, while the 1st and basement floors have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This house is perfect for a quiet retreat, as its out of the bustle of the village and offers an oasis surrounded by nature.


Working spaces with Wi-Fi

Activities for the family or after work

Looking for a Summer getaway or workation?

Contact us to get started on your Summer holiday package. We can set you up in one of Niseko's premier accommodations, offer itinerary advice and book activities to help you experience the best of Niseko!



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